LIGO Weekly Report for the week of 30 April - 4 May 2018

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The LIGO Executive Committee Agenda for Monday 7 May 2018 will be:

(Meeting time: 10:30 Pacific Time/12:30 Central Time/13:30 Eastern Time)

  1. Announcements
  2. LSC - Shoemaker/Cadonati
  3. Commissioning - Fritschel
  4. A+ update (when warranted) – Zucker
  5. Operations Management Team (OMT) - Raab
  6. Observatories
    • Hanford - Landry
    • Livingston - Giaime
    • India - Raab
  7. Campuses
    • Caltech
      • Administration - Hansen
      • Engineering Optical and Mechanical - Coyne
      • Control and Data Systems - Bork
      • Lab Computing - Anderson
      • Instrument Science and 40M - Gustafson
      • Data Analysis and Astrophysics Lab-wide Activities - Weinstein, Katsavounidis
    • MIT - Fritschel
  8. AOB
  9. Adjourn

Calendar of future Executive Committee Meetings

Special Announcements
Albert Lazzarini
This week LIGO bid farewell to Ben Abbott (of LSC papers B. Abbott et al. fame)
after 18 years with the Laboratory. Ben is moving on to a career as expert blacksmith
and judge on the History Channel program Forged in Fire. We wish him well!

The brothers Abbott – Ben(L) and Rich(R)

LSC Activities
David Shoemaker (Laura Cadonati)

LIGO Laboratory Administration
Hannah Hansen
Financial Systems
Giselle Hepker
Procurements and Subcontracts Management
Eric Garcia
Technical Writing Sevices
Kim Burtnyk
General Business Services
Carolyn Peterson

Nothing to report

LIGO Laboratory Safety
Albert Lazzarini (Richard Oram, Bubba Gateley)

Next Week: LLO Annual Safety Review is scheduled for May 8th & 9th 2018.

Computer Security
Randy Trudeau
Ryan Blair

LIGO Hanford Observatory (LHO) and Interferometer Operations
General Operations
Michael Landry
Facilities Operations/Maintenance
Jeff Jones
Detector Maintenance/Operations
Betsy Weaver

From Betsy for Betsy, Hugh, JeffK

1 Week Corner Vent

Launched major effort to revisit corner station chambers to

This included 10 chamber door maneuvers on BSC1, BSC3, HAM4, and HAM5, and the addition of 80+ steps to the schedule to include the typical entry/exit gamut of First Contact cleaning of the ITM test mass, ISI table rebalancing, transfer function and ESD checks, etc. We started on Monday and finished on Fri at ~4. The pump down of the corner will start early next week.

Betsy also spent some time supporting LLO SUS on their EX fiber welding issues, as well as the LHO EX welding which also took place this busy week.

From Jason


ETMx Fiber Welding

Electronics, Control and Data Systems Operations
Richard Mccarthy
Control Room Operators
Corey Gray


Jeff Bartlett:

Corey Gray:

Ed Merilh:

Travis Sadecki:

TJ Shaffer:

Information Technologies
Jonathan Hanks

CDS Computing

H1 Commissioning
Daniel Sigg (Keita Kawabe)

No commissioning due to vent activities.

LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO) and Interferometer Operations
General Operations
Richard Oram

Post O2 Planned Engineering

This Friday marked the end of week 35 of the Planned Engineering and Commissioning program of projects which commenced Aug 28th 2017. See chart below for outline and progress.

LLO Post O2 Vent Plan

The extended vacuum team made progress on preparations for the X End gate valve (GV11) repair.

The vacuum review board has met to review readiness, timeline and resource availability for GV11 repair.

HAM6 was vented and door removed to allow ingress to conduct inspection and replacement of squeezer fiber interconnect.

Preparations being made for the next site visit to conduct BTE and BT inspection by contractor making a study of potential for and evidence of Microbial Induced Corrosion.

Next Week: LLO Annual Safety Review is scheduled for May 8th & 9th 2018.

Observatory Computerized Maintenance Management.

FRS - Corrective Maintenance

Key Performance Indicator dashboard of issues tracked in the FRS.

FAMIS- Preventive Maintenance

LLO Tuesday Preventive Maintenance Work Orders 2018 (FAMIS)

Vacuum Group
Scott Mccormick (Richard Oram)

Reporting for the Vacuum Team, Harry Overmier, Justin Schexnayder, Brent Hymel, Scott McCormick, Mike Fyffe

Detector Group
Janeen Romie (Richard Oram)

Detector Engineering weekly summary for Stuart Aston, Matt Heintze, Adam Mullavey & Arnaud Pele

Control Room Operators
Gary Traylor (Richard Oram)

Reporting for:

Gary Traylor, Mike Fyffe, Doug Lormand, Joe Hanson, Danny Sellers, Tom Evans, William Parker, Raine Hasskew

William Parker

Gary Traylor

Danny Sellers

Doug Lormand

Joe Hanson

Danny Sellers

Computing and Electronics (CDS, etc.)
Keith Thorne

Doug Lormand

Michael Thomas

Alyssa Bramley (on leave)

Keith Thorne

Paul Corban

Carl Adams, Michael Laxen

Timothy Nelson (Richard Oram)

Facilities Weekly Completed FRS report:

Facilities Weekly Accomplishments / Enhancements:

Education and Outreach
William Katzman

Dennis Coyne
Mechanics, Optics & Vacuum
Norna Robertson
Alena Ananyeva

Stray light: working on OFI shroud production and future design versions with Eddie S. and Calum T.

A+ coatings: processing and measuring coated samples and substrates

Control and Data Systems
Rolf Bork
Rich Abbott
  1. The effort to deliver a fully functional electric field meter to LHO is progressing well. Helium leak checking of the prototype cube was performed successfully and much was learned in the process. We had an electronics failure inside the cube which afforded us a useful exercise in repair and recovery. We believe we understand the cause of the failure, so we are not left too worried.
  2. Some time and effort was spent researching solutions to a safety related issue concerning communications at the sites prompted by the observation that some areas have limited telephone support. Carl Adams and Dwayne Giardina have some experience with solving this problem and have been added to the team (Richard, Tim, Rich, Carl, Dwayne) responsible for this task.
  3. Kavya is continuing on a part-time basis to characterize the next generation Fast Shutter. Things are progressing nicely. She now has a standard setup for measuring time of flight and is gradually increasing the coil current while taking data. The short term goal is to ensure our requirement of 6mm travel in 1mSec can be reasonably achieved. She will also be drawing conclusions as to whether there are improvements (mass, magnet geometry, or coil modifications) that might lead to a better device.
  4. Prepared a calculator that is used to find the physical length of cables in the vacuum system utilizing the measured cable reflection coefficient at RF frequencies. The calculator is in the DCC under T1800199
  5. Koji and I worked on the next steps for the production version of the IO modulator. Although we have not had time to work on this lately, we have a good sense as to what to do next.
Benjamin Abbott

Good bye!

Remote Access
NDS2 (client, server, and server infrastructure)
Jonathan Hanks

Data Analysis and Astrophysics LabWide Activities
Alan Weinstein
Caltech (CIT)
Kent Blackburn
Jonah Kanner
Thomas Massinger
Jessica Mciver
Hanford (LHO)
Gregory Mendell

Advanced Distributed Data Analysis R&D
Kent Blackburn

Laboratory Computing
LIGO Analysis and Open Data
Kent Blackburn (Jonah Kanner)
LDAS Software Systems
Ed Maros

LDAS Tools


LDAS System Administration
Juan Barayoga
Sharon Brunett
Phil Ehrens
Philippe Grassia
Dan Kozak
Gregory Mendell
Michael Thomas
General Computing
Melody Araya



Mike Pedraza
Veronica Kondrashov
Larry Wallace
Ryan Blair





Jonathan Hanks
Dwayne Giardina
Matthew Cowart
Fred Donovan

Advanced LIGO
Data Computing System (DCS)
Stuart Anderson
Data Analysis Optimization
Peter Couvares
Joshua Willis
Data Analysis Optimization Operations supported
Sharon Brunett
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