LIGO Weekly Report for the week of 17 July - 21 July 2017

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There will be no meeting of the Executive Committee this coming Monday

Calendar of future Executive Committee Meetings

Special Announcements
Albert Lazzarini

LSC recognized by the Royal Astronomical Society.

Martin Hendry, Mike Cruise and Francesco Pannarale accepted the RAS Group Achievement Award on behalf of the LSC.

LSC Activities
David Shoemaker (Laura Cadonati)

Virgo determined that it can join the O2 run! The plan calls for joint observations starting in early August.

LIGO Laboratory Administration
Procurements and Subcontracts Management
Eric Garcia

Eric Garcia - CIT, LHO and LLO
 *CIT- JPL (Researched discrepancies JPL PO)
 *LLO- Battelle (Attempting to get additional information regarding their quote ongoing)
 *LLO- NeoLASE (Draft SOW submitted to LLO and LHO team for review)
 *LLO- LSU (Researched discrepancies with LSU regarding encumbrances requesting more info from LSULSU said it would take time because they are working on end of your stuff)
 *LHO- SOW for Landscaping (in process submitted to Bubba for review)
 *LHO- U of Oregon Mod. (in process)
 *Both Sites- Mod VFA (in process)
 *Executed some small dollar value procurements
Procurement Team Support
 *Field phone calls related to various procurement questions for LHO, CIT, and LLO
 *conducted follow up activities for several placed procurements
 *Closeouts Resolved issues with closeouts
 *executed tax overrides
Procedure Development
 *worked with Bailey to create a PowerPoint for the Quick Requisition Guide (draft complete)
Training Bailey Toon (on going)

Gina Salone CIT, LHO and LLO
 *CIT- JPL (Researched discrepancies JPL PO)
 *All Sites- completed a number of low dollar value procurements and punch-out purchases
General Support
 *File inventory
 *Completed a credit app to do business with a vendor
 *Provided Document and file development support for Mods. From CIT, LHO, and LLO

Melanie McCandless - LLO
 *LLO- NeoLASE (70W Builds in process)
 *LLO- NeoLASE (PO Mod S303335)
 *CIT- MP Aeor (SLiC Baffles and PCAL in process)
 *LLO- LLO Took over follow up with ARS for termination from Eric (complete)
 *All Sites- completed a number of low dollar value procurements
General Support
 *Return items to McMaster Carr related to a punchout order
 *Fields questions and provides procurement support to site end users
 *Executed tax overrides
 *Processed invoices
 *Performed P-Card reconciliation
 *Processed payment request for LSC fellow

Technical Writing Sevices
Kim Burtnyk
General Business Services
Julie Hiroto
Carolyn Peterson

LIGO Laboratory Safety
Albert Lazzarini (Richard Oram, Bubba Gately)

The monthly meeting of the Safety Steering Committee was held this past Thursday. Minutes have been posted on the Laboratory Safety Web Page (access restricted).

Safety message for the week: Please take the time to report any unsafe condition that you may run across – and turn it into a Good Catch.

Computer Security
Randy Trudeau

LIGO Hanford Observatory (LHO) and Interferometer Operations
General Operations
Michael Landry
Detector Maintenance/Operations
Vernon Sandberg


Hugh Radkins and Jim Warner


Betsy Weaver


Jeff Kissel

Opto-mechanical Systems

Jason Oberling
Optical Lever

Electronics, Control and Data Systems Operations
Richard Mccarthy
Control Room Operators
Corey Gray


H1 continues to run at lower sensitivity due to Montana Earthquake from a few weeks ago & we run at a BNS Range of ~53Mpc. The cause of the range decrease is still under investigation.


Jeff Bartlett:

Corey Gray:

Ed Merilh:

Cheryl Vorvick:

H1 Commissioning
Daniel Sigg (Keita Kawabe)

No commissioning due to O2.

Detection Coordination
Keita Kawabe

H1 continues to run with higher noise than pre-earthquake with BNS range of ~55Mpc. Noise investigation continues.

Jitter coupling is there, but even after jitter subtraction, something else is hurting our performance between 20Hz and 100Hz (alog 37590).

LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO) and Interferometer Operations
General Operations
Richard Oram

Observing Run #2

LLO achieved a weekly uptime performance (Weds-Weds) of just over 63% @ around 95 - 100 Mpc BNS range. Main causes of time loss this week were due to commissioning, locking acquisition, and corrective maintenance.

Recall that O2 commenced 10:00 am CT Nov 30th 2016. As of Friday, (33+ weeks or 5302 hours) into O2, Overall L1 operation has achieved a cumulative uptime of around 58.9%.

L1 cumulative uptime since the start of O2 is shown in the very useful performance charts

O2 summary of Observatory time accounting

Observing Time Loss due to HW/SW/ procedural faults

Summary of LLO Corrective Maintenance issues that have caused Observing Time Loss

We lost about 9 hours of observing time this week due to faults that required corrective maintenance.

8560 LLO Operations LLO Facilities 0.5 CLOSED DUPLICATE Power Glitch

8509 LLO Operations LLO Detector Enginee 8.5 WORKINPROGRESS — OMC locking trouble

70W Laser Amplifier

Following a field service Visit by NeoLASE the 35W Front End Laser was successfully realigned and was returned to nominal operating performance. This enabled the work on the NeoVan4s (70W) amplifier to continue. See relevant alog entry:

The FE and amplifier combo are producing 70+ Watts (actually around ~79W) and is now being continuously run in LLO Laser Test Lab for the next few weeks to verify power stability. Laser workers continue to characterize the beam quality and pointing etc.

Observatory Computerized Maintenance Management.

FRS - Corrective Maintenance

Key Performance Indicator dashboard of issues tracked in the FRS.

Tuesday Maintenance Period Work Permits opened and or executed this week.

FAMIS- Preventive Maintenance

Note: LLO has shifted the maintenance period back by one hour. From now on it is scheduled from 9:00 am until 1:00 pm (local time) instead of 8:00 am until 12:00 pm.

Tuesday Work Permit Summary

LLO Tuesday Preventive Maintenance Work Orders 2017 (FAMIS)

Preventive Maintenance activities that were scheduled for execution during the month. LLO now schedules and executes over 200 preventive maintenance work orders each month. LHO now schedules and executes ~ 100 preventive maintenance work orders each month.

L1 Detection Coordination
Brian O'Reilly

O2 Run

The interferometer has been running well with a BNS range that often exceeds 100 Mpc. Duty factor has been between 60% and 70% impacted mainly by commissioning and some hardware problems.

LSC Fellows## (For the past 2 weeks)

Elvis Ferreira

Karla Ramirez

No report. Working on General Exam.

Maggie Tse_

Haocun Yu_

Detector Group
Janeen Romie (Richard Oram)

Reporting for the LLO Detector Engineering Group: Stuart Aston, Matt Heintze, Adam Mullavey, Arnaud Pele

Control Room Operators
Gary Traylor (Richard Oram)

Reporting for:

Gary Traylor, Mike Fyffe, Doug Lormand, Joe Hanson, Danny Sellers, Jeremy Birch, Tom Evans, William Parker, Bryan Smith

Doug Lormand, Danny Sellers, Jeremy Birch, William Parker, Joe Hanson, Mike Fyffe,

Gary Traylor

Danny Sellers

Mike Fyffe

Computing and Electronics (CDS, etc.)
Keith Thorne

Michael Thomas

Alyssa Bramley

Keith Thorne

Paul Corban

Carl Adams, Michael Laxen

Timothy Nelson (Richard Oram)
Education and Outreach
William Katzman

Mechanics, Optics & Vacuum
Norna Robertson
Alena Ananyeva
Control and Data Systems
Rich Abbott
  1. Continuing squeezer hardware build. Summer Engineering Intern (Damian Lavin) continues to test the 384 channel Acromag Binary IO chassis.
  2. Luis is producing the final datasheet data for the PDH box he has produced and transitioning to working on the IO chassis upgrade.
  3. Todd has finished testing last remaining VOPO suspension Coil Drivers for Squeezer. He is now transitioning to AA board manufacture.
  4. Ordered (with help from Marie Woods) prototype electrometer circuit boards for in-vacuum electric field probe to be delivered to Rai.
  5. Working squeezer wiring library parts.
  6. Submitted in-vacuum wiring build to outside vendor for quote.
Remote Access
NDS2 (client, server, and server infrastructure)
Jonathan Hanks

Data Analysis and Astrophysics LabWide Activities
Remote screens
Alan Weinstein
Caltech (CIT)
Kent Blackburn
Thomas Massinger
Rory Smith

Advanced Distributed Data Analysis R&D
Kent Blackburn

Laboratory Computing
LIGO Analysis and Open Data
Kent Blackburn (Jonah Kanner)
LDAS Software Systems
Ed Maros



LDAS System Administration
Juan Barayoga
Phil Ehrens
Dan Kozak
Dan Moraru
Alyssa Bramley
Michael Thomas
General Computing
Melody Araya



Mike Pedraza
Veronica Kondrashov
Larry Wallace
Ryan Blair




Dwayne Giardina
Matthew Cowart

Advanced LIGO
David Shoemaker (Stuart Anderson, Sharon Brunett, Peter Couvares)

Quarterly in.

Data Computing System (DCS)
Stuart Anderson
Data Analysis Optimization
Peter Couvares
Joshua Willis
Data Analysis Optimization Operations supported
Sharon Brunett
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