LIGO Weekly Report for the week of 17 April - 21 April 2017

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The LIGO Executive Committee Agenda for Monday 24 April 2017 will be:

(Meeting time: 10:30 Pacific Time/12:30 Central Time/13:30 Eastern Time)

  1. Announcements
  2. LSC - Shoemaker/Cadonati
  3. Commissioning - Fritschel
  4. Operations Management Team (OMT) - Raab
  5. Observatories
  6. Campuses
  7. AOB
  8. Adjourn

Calendar of future Executive Committee Meetings

Special Announcements
Albert Lazzarini

Ronald Drever (1931 - 2017) -- Nature has published an insightful obituary by Rai Weiss

LSC Activities
David Shoemaker (Laura Cadonati)

LIGO Laboratory Administration
Property Administration
Nichole Washington
General Business Services
Julie Hiroto

LIGO Laboratory Safety
David Nolting


It is most important that whenever a task is to be performed, no matter how common or repetitive, it is always smart to first submit a work permit describing the activity. Submitting a work permit is a great opportunity to communicate among the work groups and team, of your intentions so conflicts may be managed and to ensure that the correct staff are involved in the activity.

Report “Good Catches” to your supervisor or at the following URL: When we report a “Good Catch”, we give ourselves the greatest opportunity to correct unsafe conditions, equipment or even risky work behavior before an incident occurs.

Computer Security
Randy Trudeau

LIGO Operations Management Team (OMT)
Fred Raab

OMT reviewed the status of preparations for the commissioning break during O2 and the planning process for post-O2 work. The break is on track to begin the week of May 8. The break will likely affect current plans for the post-O2 work, which will be followed further.

LIGO Hanford Observatory (LHO) and Interferometer Operations
Detector Maintenance/Operations
Vernon Sandberg


Hugh Radkins and Jim Warner


Betsy Weaver
(DET ENG) MAY 8th Vent Planning

Opto-mechanical Systems

Jason Oberling
(Optical Lever)


Jeff Kissel

Det. Eng.

Control Room Operators
Corey Gray


Jeff Bartlett:

Corey Gray:

Nutsinee Kijbunchoo:

Travis Sadecki:

TJ Shaffer:

H1 Commissioning
Daniel Sigg (Keita Kawabe)

No commissioning due to O2.

Detection Coordination
Keita Kawabe

This week we have spent about 10.5 hours for planned commissioning in coincidence with LLO. Observation mode duty factor of H1 from Fri. Apr/14/2017 00:00:00 to Thu. Apr/20/2017 24:00:00UTC was 78.2%.

GDS calibration code that was put in place on Apr/11 for a bug fix introduced another bug where a momentary ETMY timing error makes the calibration status latched to bad even after the problem goes away until DMT calibration process is restarted. Due to this there was about 6.5 hours of good observation time that was not analyzed by the low latency analysis (alog 355569). After failing to quickly revert back to the old version on Apr/18, for now the operators are instructed to restart the DMT calibration code as soon as the problem is detected (alog 35675) though this is not something that happens frequently. We'll revert back to the old version during the next maintenance period. In the meantime, a new version with long term fix was developed and is under testing on a separate DMT machine.

Education and Public Outreach
Amber Henry

LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO) and Interferometer Operations
L1 Detection Coordination
Brian O'Reilly

O2 Run

We fell short of 70% duty factor from Wednesday to Wednesday. The main impacts were the failure of the ETMX PUM (Penultimate Mass) driver which took ~28 hours to recover from (mentioned in last weeks report) and an extended commissioning break to re-align the Hartmann Wavefront sensors

LSC Fellows

Terry McRae

Iain Dorrington

Andrew Spencer

Daniel Williams

Detector Group
Janeen Romie (Richard Oram)

Reporting for the last couple of weeks for the LLO Detector Engineering Group: Stuart Aston, Matt Heintze, Adam Mullavey, Arnaud Pele

Computing and Electronics (CDS, etc.)
Keith Thorne

Michael Thomas

Alyssa Bramley

Keith Thorne

Paul Corban

Carl Adams, Michael Laxen

Timothy Nelson (Richard Oram)

Each item listed has been identified by Facilities with a resolution and requests have been completed.

Education and Outreach
William Katzman

LIGO India Update
Fred Raab

Upcoming visitors from India:

Ongoing work within Lab:

Mechanics, Optics & Vacuum
Garilynn Billingsley
Norna Robertson
Alena Ananyeva
Control and Data Systems
Rich Abbott
  1. Developed a set of Delphi scripts to work with Altium. These scripts make it easy to automatically generate rack and component location reports in wiring diagrams, as well as to generate a cable pull-sheet with cable lengths.
  2. Continuing squeezer hardware build
  3. Luis has tested a low noise 4 channel digital potentiometer for general purpose chassis use and is ready to send out the main board files on a new PDH locking box.
  4. Luis continues to support the SR3 heater testing in the 40m lab.
  5. Working with Todd and Rolf on the cheaper IO chassis. Rolf has verified that the new boards are functional within a prototype chassis. A power distribution board was designed and built, and is now integrated within the IO chassis design. There are no indications of the timing glitches that seemed to be a problem in the last design.
Remote Access
NDS2 (client, server, and server infrastructure)
Jonathan Hanks

Data Analysis and Astrophysics LabWide Activities
Remote screens
Alan Weinstein
Caltech (CIT)
Kent Blackburn
Thomas Massinger
Jessica Mciver
Hanford (LHO)
Gregory Mendell

Advanced Distributed Data Analysis R&D
Kent Blackburn

Laboratory Computing
aLIGO Analysis and Open Data
Roy Williams
LDAS Software Systems
Ed Maros


LDAS System Administration
Dan Kozak
Juan Barayoga
Gregory Mendell
Dan Moraru
Alyssa Bramley
Michael Thomas
General Computing
Melody Araya




Mike Pedraza
Veronica Kondrashov
Larry Wallace
Ryan Blair




Dwayne Giardina
Matthew Cowart
Fred Donovan

Advanced LIGO
David Shoemaker (Stuart Anderson)
Data Computing System (DCS)
Stuart Anderson
Data Analysis Optimization
Peter Couvares
Joshua Willis
Data Analysis Optimization Operations supported
Sharon Brunett
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