LIGO Weekly Report for the week of 12 June - 16 June 2017

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Special Announcements
Albert Lazzarini

Rai Weiss, Kip Thorne, Barry Barish and the LSC receive the
2017 Princess of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research

The King of Spain also wrote a congratulatory letter to Laura Cadonati as the LSC representative.

The 2017 Albert Einstein Society Medal and Certificate, awarded to the LSC and Virgo Collaboration were accepted by Gabriela González and David Shoemaker. The medal will be displayed at LHO and the certificate will be displayed at LLO.

This past week, a number of Laboratory staff and several LSC members were at Hanford taking part in the annual NSF review of LIGO Operations. Once again, the review was a success, with the committee congratulating us and making a number of observations and recommendations. Here are some of their closeout remarks (LIGO refers to both the Laboratory and collaboration where applicable):

“LIGO is to be congratulated on the detection of another BH-BH merger. Particularly impressive is the 10% improvement in SNR by removing the known laser pointing noise at LHO from the data.”

“LIGO continues to make excellent progress in the understanding of the main noise sources as a result of O2 activities, although uncertainty remains (especially scattered light).”

“LIGO has been paying close attention to the resource needs of their codes and the ways in which they can run cost-effectively on all relevant current and near-future architectures. Over the last two years the computationally demanding CBC search code has been re-engineered to consume ten times less CPU time a transformational achievement.”

“The Panel commends the LIGO team for the successful adoption and implementation of key managerial and tracking tools across the LIGO sites.”

“The redirection of LIGO’s experimental effort in optical coating research is very good. Increasing the "cadence of coating experiments" and establishing relationships with academic coating groups will provide new insight for the problem.”

LSC Activities
David Shoemaker (Laura Cadonati)

LIGO Laboratory Administration
Property Administration
Nichole Washington
Technical Writing Sevices
Kim Burtnyk
General Business Services
Carolyn Peterson

LIGO Laboratory Safety
Albert Lazzarini (Richard Oram, Bubba Gately)

REMINDER: Be mindful of opportunities to help prevent a colleague being injured or preventing damage to our sensitive equipment. Report "Good Catches" to your supervisor or at this URL . When we report a "Good Catch", we give ourselves the greatest opportunity to correct unsafe conditions, equipment or risky work behavior before an incident occurs

Computer Security
Randy Trudeau

LIGO Hanford Observatory (LHO) and Interferometer Operations
General Operations
Michael Landry
Detector Maintenance/Operations
Vernon Sandberg


Hugh Radkins and Jim Warner


Jeff Kissel

Electronics, Control and Data Systems Operations
Richard Mccarthy
Control Room Operators
Corey Gray


Corey Gray:

Ed Merilh:

Travis Sadecki:

Patrick Thomas:

Updated FMCS BACNet IOC (alog 36834)

Information Technologies
Michael Landry
H1 Commissioning
Daniel Sigg (Keita Kawabe)

No commissioning due to O2.

Detection Coordination
Keita Kawabe

Virgo's engineering run started (first half Friday, June 16th at 8:00 UTC to Monday June 19th at 8:00 UTC, second half Friday, June 23 at 8:00 UTC to Monday June 26th at 8:00 UTC). We're producing 3-IFO coincidence data.

H1 has been running with somewhat worse noise than pre-vent. Clearly the jitter coupling has been worse than before, and it was very likely related to the alignment change we experienced due to vent. An initial investigation to change the beam position on the test masses looks very promising (alog 36957). We'll continue investigation next week.

A new 86Hz line was found and fixed. This was related to a high frequency calibration line introduced earlier, and somehow that was down converted (alog 36917 and 36959).

RF45 noise came back (alog 36948).

Education and Public Outreach
Amber Henry

LIGO Livingston Observatory (LLO) and Interferometer Operations
Joe Giaime

Attending the NSF review at LHO.

General Operations
Richard Oram

Attending the NSF review at LHO.

L1 Commissioning
Valery Frolov

Attending the NSF review at LHO.

Detector Group
Janeen Romie (Richard Oram)

Reporting for the last couple of weeks for the LLO Detector Engineering Group: Stuart Aston, Matt Heintze, Adam Mullavey, Arnaud Pele

Control Room Operators
Gary Traylor (Richard Oram)

Reporting for:

Gary Traylor, Mike Fyffe, Doug Lormand, Joe Hanson, Danny Sellers, Jeremy Birch, Tom Evans, William Parker, Bryan Smith

Bryan Smith, Gary Traylor, Danny Sellers, Tom Evans, Mike Fyffe, Joe Hanson

Gary Traylor

Joe Hanson

Doug Lormand

Computing and Electronics (CDS, etc.)
Keith Thorne

Michael Thomas

Alyssa Bramley

Keith Thorne

Paul Corban (vacation)

Carl Adams, Michael Laxen

Timothy Nelson (Richard Oram)
Education and Outreach
William Katzman

Mechanics, Optics & Vacuum
Norna Robertson
Fabrice Matichard

Squeezer engineering:

Eduardo Sanchez
Alena Ananyeva
Control and Data Systems
Rolf Bork

Documentation work this week: - Writing up design document for a new CDS I/O chassis based on PCIe Gen 2 (LIGO-T1700265). - Putting together a CDS software development plan for the next year. This captures items discussed at the CDS F2F meeting held at LHO last week.

Working with D. Barker at LHO on new real-time computer to DAQ system network drivers. Those presently being used are no longer supported.

Rich Abbott
  1. Continuing squeezer hardware build. Summer Engineering Intern has made good progress on assembly of Acromag 384 Channel BIO, plus 2-channel Demodulators.
  2. Luis has been checking out the PDH test chassis.
  3. Luis has been testing the SR3 heater driver chassis.
  4. Daniel and I have developed a set of scripts to work with Altium allowing intelligent wiring diagrams to be created. Working on library parts for wiring diagrams.
  5. Todd is testing VOPO suspension Coil Drivers for Squeezer.
  6. Sending two complete in-vacuum cable brackets to MIT for evaluation in the Squeezer cabling.
  7. Sent 71 tested AA/AI boards to LHO for 3rd IFO
Remote Access
NDS2 (client, server, and server infrastructure)
Jonathan Hanks

Data Analysis and Astrophysics LabWide Activities
Remote screens
Alan Weinstein
Caltech (CIT)
Kent Blackburn
Jonah Kanner
Jessica Mciver

Covers the last few weeks:

Rory Smith
Hanford (LHO)
Gregory Mendell

Advanced Distributed Data Analysis R&D
Kent Blackburn

Laboratory Computing
LIGO Analysis and Open Data
Kent Blackburn (Jonah Kanner)
LDAS Software Systems
Ed Maros




LDAS System Administration
Dan Kozak
Phil Ehrens
Juan Barayoga
Gregory Mendell
Dan Moraru
Alyssa Bramley
Michael Thomas
General Computing
Melody Araya



Mike Pedraza
Veronica Kondrashov
Larry Wallace
Ryan Blair




Jonathan Hanks
Matthew Cowart

Advanced LIGO
Data Computing System (DCS)
Stuart Anderson
Data Analysis Optimization
Peter Couvares
Joshua Willis
Data Analysis Optimization Operations supported
Sharon Brunett
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