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Course Overview

This is a laboratory course on analog electronics. The following topics are studied: basics on electronics network theory, passive circuits, i.e RC circuits and resonant circuits, operational amplifiers, diodes, and transistors, functional circuits based on operational amplifiers diodes and transistors, use of a computer data acquisitions and of a simulation program. The course culminates in a two-week project (design, implemetation, and demostration ) of the student's choosing.
Prerequisites: Ph 1 abc, or equivalents.
Structure: one three-hour laboratory session per week, a weekly conference with the instructor, pre-laboratory problems propaudetic to the experiments, brief analysis of experimental results outside the laboratory period.
Terms: First only.
Units: 9.
Grading: letter grade. Only one term may be taken for credit.

General rules

Section Information

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Laboratory Course Notes

The complete set of notes of the current experiments can be downloaded from the link below or purchased at the Caltech Graphic Art facilities.
Laboratory notes for the new proposed or under development experiments are available only from this web page.

Current Experiments Notes

Experiments Notes

Chapter 1

Alternating Current Network Theory

Chapter 2

Resonant Circuits

Chapter 3

The Operational Amplifier

Chapter 4

Diodes and Transistors

Chapter 5

Basic Circuits with Op-Amps

Chapter 6

Active Filters

Chapter 7

Basics on Oscillators (draft)

Chapter 8

Phase Locked Loop (draft)

Chapter 9

Final Project, Some Useful Circuit (draft)


Fourier Analisys, Impedance Models for Passive Components, Decibels Definitions, Resistor color code, The Cathode Ray Tube Oscilloscope (draft)

Experiments Procedure

Resonant Circuits

Operational Amplifier

Basic Circuits with Op-Amps

Diodes and Transitors


Phase Locked Loop

Useful Links

LTSpice IV Software and Library

Contact Information

Kenneth G Libbrecht
Physics Department, M/C 264-33, West Bridge
extension 3722
e-mail: kgl at caltech dot edu

Virginio de Oliveira Sannibale
LIGO Project, M/C 18-34, 364 W. Bridge,
Office 6358
e-mail:sannibale_v at ligo dot caltech dot edu

Sophomore Laboratory: 202 East Bridge,M/C 103-33, extension 3660

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