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2008 Caltech Service Award LIGO Honorees

Fifteen LIGO Team Members Honored for their Contributions to LIGO and to Caltech

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The 2008 Caltech Service Awards Ceremony has this year honored a number of LIGO scientists, engineers, and administrators for their years of service to LIGO and Caltech. The annual ceremony took place on Tuesday, 3 June 2008. The Awards Ceremony recognized 254 individuals who have served Caltech long and well. Among the recipients were 15 LIGO personnel: Cindy Akutagawa (30 yrs), Christine Barker (10 yrs), Eric Black (10 yrs), Doug Cook (10 yrs), Corey Gray (10 yrs), Mark Lubinski (10 yrs), Rod Luna (15 yrs), Richard McCarthy (10 yrs), Hugh Radkins (10 yrs), Rick Savage (15 yrs), Daniel Sigg (10 yrs), Phil Willems (10 yrs), Larry Wallace (25 yrs), Bonnie Wooley (10 yrs), Liyuan Zhang (10 yrs). In total the service provided by these individuals amounts to nearly TWO CENTURIES of dedication. Congratulations and thanks to our valued staff!