Trend frame to table conversion utility

Trendtable is a utility program to extract trend data into a text file. one channel is extracted at a time and all times are written to the output file in six columns containing.

  1. GPS time
  2. Mean value
  3. Standard deviation (sigma)
  4. Minimum
  5. Maximum
  6. Number of items in average
By default all time bins from the earliest to the latest trended times are written to the output file. A flag is provided to suppress trend time bins that have a zero count.

Running trendtable

The trendtable command has the following syntax:

      trendtable [--startgps | -s <start>] [--endgps | -e <end>] \
                 [--duration | -d <delta-t>] [--outfile | -o <ofile>] \
                 [--noempty | -n] <channel> <dirs>

Where <channel> is the root name of the trend channel and <dirs> is a wild-carded list of directories containing the trend frame files. If the start and stop times are not specified, the trends are written from GPS 700000000 (~Mar 13 2002) for 999999999 seconds. If --outfile is omitted or set to "-", the table is written to the standard output. The --noempty specifier suppresses all rows with zero count fields.

J. Zweizig
1.1; last modified June 4, 2006

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