class MatchTrig

Match triggers to events, plot trigger efficiencies and resolution.
MatchTrig matches a list of trigger to events contained in a set of input frames. Each event in the input frame set is matched to the closest trigger within a specified time range. If a later event is found to be a closer match to a trigger, the new event is matched to the trigger, and the old event is left unmatched.

Running MatchTrig

The command line syntax for MatchTrig is:

     MatchTrig {-infile <files> | -inlist <list-file>} -ttable <trigs> \
               [-debug <debug-lvl>] [-maxdiff <max-dt>] [-tlimit <hist-time>] \
	       [-amin <ampl-min>] [-amax <ampl-max>] [-histo <hist-file>] \
               [-par <par-name>,<min>,<max>] [-select <trigger-id>/<sub-id>] \
	       [-dtmax <deltamx>]

The arguments have the following meaning:

-infile <files> Input frame files (may be globbed)
-inlist <list-file> File containing a list of frames to be read
-ttable <trig> Trigger list file name.
-debug <debug-lvl> Level of debugging output to print
-maxdiff <max-dt> Maximum trigger-event time-difference for match
-dtmax <deltamx> Event time difference histogram limit
-tlimit <hist-time> Time histogram limits
-amin <ampl-min> Amplitude histogram minimum
-amax <ampl-max> Amplitude histogram maximum
-histo <hist-file> Store histograms in file <hist-file>
-par <param>,<min>,<max> Plot event parameter <param> in range [<min>:<max>]
-select <trigger-id>/<sub-id> Match and plot specified triggers

Input frames must have FrSimEvent information on generated events. Arbitrary numbers of -infile and -inlist arguments may be specified. Triggers matching optional -select requirements are read from the xml file specified by the -ttable argument and matched to all events in the input frames. An event is considered to match a trigger if it is the closest (in time) event to the trigger, no other trigger is closer and it is within <max-dt>.

J. Zweizig
1.3; Last modified July 22, 2004

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