DMT Services

Service Libraries
Application client API.
Application server class
Monitor Data
Monitor Client and Server APIs
Name Client
Name Client API
Name Server
DMT Name to Address Translation Service
LMSG network message bridge.
Frame IO
Read and write frames
Trend Frames
Read and write trend frames
Web Server
Serve formatted Monitor data objects to a web browser
Trigger Client
Trigger Manager client API
Alarm Client
Alarm Manager client API
Trigger Manager
Trigger record broker.
Frame and NDS translation module
DFM low level API (fantom)
DFM low level API (fantom)
The DMT Services libraries provide interfaces to allow DMT monitors to communicate with the outside world. The DMT Service libraries contain:

The service class source code is available from CVS The following libraries are produced: libclient.a Alarm, Monitor Data and Name client APIs and the AppClient API. libframeio.a Data Accessor, Frame writer, Trend I/O and associated classes. basic subset of monitor classes including Monitor data server, name client, Alarm Client and necessary support classes. libtclient.a Trigger client class (needs external ProcID)

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