SpecMon:  Monitoring of Power Spectral Density.

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    SpecMon is a interactive DMT monitor based on the ROOT GUI classes.  Using a GUI, it provides real-time histogramming and strip charts of the band limited RMS power for an arbitrary number of bands and channels. 


Snapshot of the GUI.  The below plot shows the interferometer losing lock at approximately Time = 700. 






















The GUI allows the user to track in real-time the behavior of a frequency band (Resolution of 1 Hz).  This can be helpful in setting limits for other monitors or for use in setting limits for SpecMon.

Configuration File Information:

There is N-Channel capability through a user defined configuration file.  There, any channels that are to be monitored should be defined.  If the user wants the data on a specific band saved, then the that band should also be defined in the configuration file. 

The GUI allows the user to pick an arbitrary band in a specified channel to look at in real-time.  This is especially nice if you think that you should be monitoring a slightly different band then the one that is defined. 

Example Configuration File (comments in bold):

H1 <- The interferometer to be monitored
Channels = 2 <- Number of channels on the interferometer to be added to the DMT frames
Channel Channelname=H1:LSC-AS_Q Bands=1 <- Specific Channel Definitions: (Name) (Number of Bands to be Monitored: Note this could be 0)
Band Bandname=Band1 freqlo=10 freqhi=100 lopower=0 hipower=1 <- Band Definition: (BandName:Up to you) (Low freq) (High Freq) (Low Power Threshold) (High Power Threshold)
Channel Channelname=H1:IOO-MC_F Bands =1
Band Bandname=Band1 freqlo=300 freqhi=355 lopower=0 hipower=4321
Channels = 1
Channel Channelname=H2:LSC-AS_Q  Bands=1
Band Bandname=Band1 freqlo=0 freqhi=100 lopower=0 hipower=10
Channels = 1
Channel Channelname = L1:LSC-AS_Q Bands = 2
Band Bandname=Band1-1 freqlo=4321 freqhi=1234 lopower=1234 hipower=4321
Band Bandname=tim freqlo=10 freqhi =200 lopower=9887 hipower =232323

Note:  As of now it is not possible to monitor H0 channels.  This will be added shortly.  Thank for your patience.  

Command Line Arguments:

When starting the program, there are several command line arguments that must be specified.  They are as follows (dashes are included):

-ifo (Specifies which interferometer)

-socketnumber (Tells the GUI and the background monitor how to communicate)

-update (The auto-update time for the GUI.  Defaults to 30 seconds)

Example Command Line Startup:

./SpecMon -ifo H1 -socketnumber 9090 -update 60


Technical Details:

Background Monitor:


GUI/Background Communication:

The GUI and the background monitor communicate via socket communication. 



Comment, questions, suggestions:

 email Tim Bodiya at bodtim (AT) umich (DOT) edu


I would like to thank Keith Riles, John Zwiezig, and David Chin for their invaluable comments and help on the project. 


This work was done under Keith Riles at the University of Michigan.