MultiVolt monitor program

MultiVolt main program
Base class for power monitor summary output
A class for watching volts
Handles the output for calculations on power line monitor channels
MultiVolt monitors the power grid at the LIGO Observatories. Power line monitors are installed at each rack location in the LVEA and the mid and end stations. The monitor program determines frequency, rms, crest factor, total harmonic distortion, and the amplitudes of the first 17 harmonics. Typically, MultiVolt will take a measurement every 10 second, average it over 6 points and write a new minute trend point once every minute. It also has the capability to write a html summary page which is updated once a minute.

   usage: MultiVolt -c conf -f file [-w web] [-d dt] [-b len] [-a avg] [-moq]
          MultiVolt -c conf -t trend [-w web] [-d dt] [-b len] [-a avg] [-moiq]
          MultiVolt -c conf -T [-w web] [-d dt] [-b len] [-a avg] [-moiq]
              -c conf - configuration file
              -f file - ASCII output file, channels are stored in out.xx
              -t trend - trend file for output
	      -T - write trend to default location
              -w web - filename for web page summary information
              -d dt - number of measurements (default 0 for running indefinitely)
              -b len - number of seconds per average (default 10)
              -a avg - number of averages per measurement (default 6)
              -m - no monitor server
              -o - suppress harmonics in output
	      -i - make trend file index
              -q - quiet (no screen output)

A report describing in detail the layout, implementation and performance of the power lime monitors can be found in T000104-00.

Charlie Shapiro

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