Monitor Author DCC ID Summary
BicoMon - - -
BitTest John Zweizig - Checks for stuck bits and repeated words in the raw data
CorrMon Adrian Ottewill - Measure interchannel correlations and optionally estimate linear response functions
DEnvCorr Adrian Ottewill - Measure and remove cross correlations between a signal channel and one or more environment channels.
DTracker Adrian Ottewill - Multitaper line tracker.
DuoTone Szabolcs Marka - Measures LSC timing stability using RAMP and Dual-Tone sinusoids.
GainMon Patrick Sutton - This monitor tracks the unity gain frequency for the DARM loop
HistCompr John Zweizig - Make histograms of [filtered] data [trigger on differences from reference].
IRIG-B Szabolcs Marka - Measure timing stability relative to IRIG-B signals.
InspiralMon Duncan Brown - Monitor online compact binary inspiral search
LIGOLwMon Duncan Brown - A monitor for displaying time series data derived from LIGO LW XML files.
LineMonitor Sergey Klimenko - Monitoring of amplitude, frequency and phase of narrow resonances.
Listen John Zweizig - Send a specified channel to the audio device of your workstation.
LockLoss David Chin - Watch for acquisition and loss of lock.
LscMonitor - - -
MTLineMon Adrian Ottewill - Use multitaper spectral methods to identify and remove spectral lines.
MultiVolt Daniel Sigg - Monitor power line frequency, RMS and harmonic content
NoiseFloorMonitor - - -
PSLmon John Zweizig - Generic monitor program (Spectra, Glitches and Bands) for PSL and others
PTmon Natalia Zotov - Glitch monitor using peak-trough (peak-to-peak) time series.
PhotonCal Peter Kalmus and Szabolcs Marka - Measures LSC calibration using the photon calibrators.
PlaneMon Evan Goetz - Monitors microphone channels for airplane signals and records airplane events.
PulsarMon Giovanni Santostasi - A Periodic Source Sensitivity Monitor for the DMT
RayleighMonitor Patrick Sutton - Real-time display of Raleigh statistic (a measure of noise gaussianity)
SegGener John Zweizig - Construct arbitrary segment table entries from OSC conditions.
SenseMonitor Patrick Sutton T030276-00-Z A Binary-Inspiral Sensitivity Monitor for the DMT
ServoMon David Chin - Watch for servo instabilities.
ShapeMon Szabolcs Marka - Monitor spectral shape stability
Slice2 John Zweizig - Look for improper time ordering of data slices.
SpecMon - - -
SpectrumArchiver - - -
SpectrumFold Vladimir Dergachev - Diagnose excess power in bins at multiples of a fixed frequency (in particular 0.25 Hz)
Station - - -
StochMon Marc J. Cenac - A Stochastic Sensitivity Monitor for the DMT
StrainbandsMon Ramon Armen - A monitor to keep track of the strain within certain frequency bands.
TimeMon Szabolcs Marka - Monitor timing card stability using ramp signals
TrigDsply John Zweizig - Display raw or filtered data associated with a list of triggers
TrigSpec - - -
WaveMon Sergey Klimenko - Monitoring of glitches using wavelet time-frequency analysis
absGlitch Rauha Rahkola - Glitch monitor using fixed trigger thresholds.
blrms_monitor Edward Daw - Apply a bank of IIR bandpass filters to timeseries data
burstMon Sergey Klimenko - BurstMon is the DMT tool for monitoring of the performance of LIGO detectors. The performance estimation is based on the burst Figures of Merit (BFOMs) produced in real time for each LIGO detector. There are three types of BFOMs: 1) glitch rates, 2) detector sensitivity to injected waveforms and 3) noise variability. The monitor produces data for the DMTViewer and trends: 1 min trends for rate and sensitivity, and 1 sec trends for noise variability.
dewarMon - - -
eqMon Rauha Rahkola - An earthquake monitor.
fastGlitch Stefan Ballmer - Tool to plot filtered time series around given trigger times.
glitchMon Masahiro Ito - Generate a trigger when the signal exceeds threshold.
kleineWelle - - -
magGlitch Masahiro Ito - glitchMon optimized for magnetometer data.
sigma Akash Kansagra - Utility to display data graphically as time, frequency series and histogram.
suspensionMon - - -