Data Monitor User Setup 

DMT Environment Variables

Proper functioning of the Data Monitor software requires that several environment variables be set. The environment variables, their meanings, and their default values are tabulated below.
DMTHOME /export/home/dmt  Base of DMT software directory tree
DMTHTMLOUT $GDSAPACHE/monitor_reports/<monitor> html report file directory
DMTIFOS 'H0 H1 H2' (LHO)  or 
'L0 L1' (LLO)
List of local interferometer names.
DMTINPUT /online/$LIGOSMPART Input data source
DMTNAMESERVER gdsdmt0:23456 (LHO) or
delaronde:23456 (LLO)
Name server IP address and port
DMTOUTPUT $DMTSTORE/monitors/data/<monitor> Monitor output directory
DMTPARS $HOME/pars Monitor parameter directory
DMTSTORE HOME Data storage tree
DMTVERSION pro DMT software version ID
GDSAPACHE Node dependent GDS web directory
LIGOMCASTIP Frame broadcaster multicast PI address
LIGONDSIP 'fb2' (HL) or 
'llofb1' (LO)
NDS or frame broadcaster PI address
LIGOSMPART 'LHO_Online' (HL) or 
'LLO_Online' (LO)
Shared memory partition name
ROOSTS /opt/CERN/root ROOT  software directory tree base

In addition the Unix PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variables must be set correctly to find executables and shared objects, respectively.

Setup Script

Setup scripts are provided with the DMT software to set up the root environment variables. On hosts that have the DMT software or ROOT installed somewhere other than the default location, the DMTHOME, DMTVERSION
and/or ROOSTS environment variables must be defined before running the setup script. For example:
setting DMT HOME $HOME/mydmt
setting DMT VERSION pro
setting ROOSTS /apps1/root
source $DMTHOME/$DMTVERSION/bin/setup
There is also a BASH script for users that prefer to use the bash shell. It is used as follows:
export DMTHOME=$HOME/mydmt
export DMTVERSION=pro
export ROOTSYS=/apps1/root
source $DMTHOME/$DMTVERSION/bin/setupb
On the DMT nodes (sand, stone and delaronde) the setup script is executed with:
source /export/home/dmt/pro/bin/setup
Note that the setup script allows the user to override many defaults by setting the appropriate environment variable before running the script. For example,  an alternate software version may be selected by setting DMTVERSION to e.g. 'old', 'new' or 'rev_2.0.1'. Environment variable defaults may also be overridden on a host-by-host basis by placing a script with the appropriate setting commands in

and on machines with bash shell users:


Root Startup

A Standard startup macro is provided to make the DMT libraries and macros available to the ROOT user. This must be pointed to by the .rootrc file in the users home directory. The easiest way to ensure that the root environment is specified correctly is to run the footstep script as follows:

Note that the DMT environment should be initialized by running the setup script before running root-setup. It is only necessary to run root-setup once when first setting up your account and thereafter only if a new DMT software version is selected.

Last Update: April 4, 2002
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