Wave Physics with LIGO data

Learn about sources from their signals

More to explore

Browse online

Black Hole Hunter
Online game to find black hole signals
Estimate: 10 minutes

Sounds of Spacetime
Thoughtful website giving introduction to gravitational wave sources and signals. Emphasis on audio files and videos with gravitational wave simulations.
Estimate: 30 minutes to browse materials

LIGO/Virgo Audio Files
Listen to both real and simulated gravitational wave signals. Includes link to example code to make your own audio files.
Estimate: 10 minutes to browse materials

Gravity Spy
Help scientists classify glitches in real LIGO data
Estimate: 15 minutes to get started, with many hours of online material

Waveform Fitter
A very simple online widget to match a simulated waveform to the data. A downloadable spreadsheet is also available (Excel or Google Sheets)

Classroom Activities

Cardiff University Classroom Activities
Pencil and paper activity that can be completed remotely or in the classroom. Aimed at students aged 14-16 (Intermediate) and 16-18 (Advanced). Includes small-group work, to estimate black hole properties and positions based on gravitational wave data, culminating in an estimate of the Hubble Constant. Includes 10 minutes of high quality explanation videos.
Estimate: 1-2 hours of instruction time
There is also a workshop with experimental hands-on activities that can be run in the classroom.

PSU Classroom Activities
Hands on activity finding signals in noisy data, using only paper, pencils, and rulers - or use the online materials for remote learning. Good for wide range of ages.
Estimate: 1 hour of instruction time for each of 2 activities

Gravitational Wave Detection in the Introductory Lab
Activity to link GW data with orbital physics
Estimate: 1 hour of instruction time

LIGO Educator's Guide
Pamphlet with introcution to LIGO and describing classroom hands-on activities.
Estimate: 2 hours of instruction time

Online Courses in Gravitational Waves from Sonoma State
Two complete courses in gravitational wave physics and detection! The courses are intended for physics undergradudate students and teachers.
Estimate: Up to 80 hours of reading, videos, and homework problems

Working with code

LIGO Astrophysics Notebooks
Python code to measure astrophysics using LIGO data. Uses python Jupyter notebooks that will run in your browser. Best for college level students.
Estimate: 2 hours of instruction time

GWOSC Tutorials
Learn to download, plot, and analyze LIGO/Virgo data using python examples and online courses. Best for more mature students.
Estimate: Start with quickview tutorial for a 10 minute introduction. Up to several hours of additional material.

GW Open Data Workshops
Write code to find gravitational wave signals! Open Data Workshops are a complete course in LIGO data analysis, including video lectures, software tutorials, and data challenges.
Estimate: 30 hours of materials. Pick and choose tutorials for limited time.