Stationary Interferometer Simulation (SIS)

SIS is a cavity simulation package developed by Hiro Yamamoto of LIGO Lab / Caltech. If you have any issue related to SIS, please contact me at

If you want to install SIS on your mac to setup a standalone configuration, download . This file contains all necessary files, binary, examples and manuals.

The fftw3 libraries included in this package need to be placed in /usr/local/lib, instead of /usr/lib. Also two links are needed to be created as
sudo ln -s libfftw3.3.1.2.dylib libfftw3.3.dylib
sudo ln -s libfftw3_threads.3.1.2.dylib libfftw3_threads.3.dylib

If you want to use SIS remotely by using a termianl program, without installing on your computer, read how2remote.pdf . This file explains how to run SIS on, a MacPro located at Caltech.

SISManual.pdf is the manual of SIS, including examples and some physics background.

This is a presentation explaining the basic features of SIS.

This matlab file sisload.m is a matlab function to load binary format field data files created by SIS.

This package is a set of examples how to use SIS. It is included in , and it is available on rigel1 (see how2remote.pdf ).

New SIS built on July 13, 2012 is this new SIS binary new feature :
(1) mirror.correction = 3 to remove tilt and coverture mismatch (see message at startup)
(2) laser wavelength can be specified as a runtime parameter : SIS -laser 532
(3) Run script, so called .in file, can contain @PAUSE where user can enter values interactively.

The default laser wavelength is 1064nm. For other lasers, type as follows to use green laser SIS -laser 532