Advanced LIGO COC - Interfaces

The COC interfaces are governed by:
T010075-00 Advanced LIGO System Design Document
T010076-01 Optical Layout for Advanced LIGO

COC interfaces with
SUS - Suspensions
AOS - Auxiliary Optics

Optical Layout webpabe

Images of  layout_2-22-06

Edrawing images of layout 02-22-06

eDrawings free viewing software

IO  - Input Optics

SUS Interface

Flatness: l/10 - Sheila Rowan et al / Physics Letters A 246 (1998) 471-478
Dimensions: < 95 mm x full width - Peter Fritschel  T040008, "Optical loss due to suspension mounting flats"
Tolerances: same as SF2 penultimate mass D040278-01
                                  SF2 glass properties
                                  SF2 Material Safety Data Sheet

AOS Interface

All coatings (HR and AR) are to be > 5% reflective
at 675nm,
for angles of incidence between 0° and 45°,
for both polarizations, p and s
Mike Smith; e-mail 4-9-2004, 11:02am

Per T010076

Material (absorption):  Absorption <5ppm/cm nominal, requirement is TBD
Size: 65mm x 340mm  M040005
Coatings:  AR nominal, requirement is TBD

IO Interface