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Fused Silica Homogeneity

GariLynn Billingsley ( (x2184) is the moderator of content. 

Some random files of LIGO I optic homogeneity measurements.  Data taken at CSIRO or CIT as labled.
CSIRO measurements are over the full aperture
CIT measurements are over 15cm

2ITM01 - CSIRO  Heraeus 312  This type has the worst homogeneity profile of any of the glass we used on L1
2ITM02 - CSIRO      "
2ITM03 - CSIRO      "
2ITM04 - CSIRO      "
4ITM02 - CIT        "
BS01 - CSIRO  Heraeus 311  This is a much more homogeneous glass than the 312
SPETM04 - CIT  Corning

Note that the CIT measurements share a common footprint, believed to be caused by the thermal profile of the metrology fixturing.