End to End model School at LIGO Livingston Observatory
This is the home page of the E2E School of the simulation group of LIGO developing the End to End model for LIGO and similar experiments.
March 18, 9am - 6pm, LLO conference room

E2E School Program:

9:00-12:00  (including discussion and a short break)

                Hiro YamamotoE2E : Overview      [PowerPoint, PDF]

~10:30      Break

                Hiro YamamotoExample             [PowerPoint]

                Biplab BhawalE2E's Physics tools [PDF]

12:00-1:30  Lunch time

1:30-3:00   (including discussion)

                Matt Evans    :  LIGO I simulation  [PowerPoint Part 1 and Part 2]


            Practice, demonstration, discussion

       Please contact us if you wish to join but have not yet sent a mail.

       Hiro Yamamoto, Biplab Bhawal or Szabolcs Marka

       E2E developers would be available in the rest of the week during
       LSC meeting for any help/guidance in whatever you may wish to do with
       E2E tools and models.

Necessary tools to access transparencies and sound:


Useful Links:
                  LIGO End to End model home page
                 E2E Documents

                 ALFI 5  Tips and Shortcuts
                 Primitive Ref

Participant list (including organizers):
Rana Adhikari
Stefan Ballmer
Biplab Bhawal
Vijay Chickarmane
Ed Daw
Raghu Dodda
Matt Evans
Andres Gaviria
Joe Langdale
Szabolcs Marka
Chethan Parameswariah
Rauha Rahkola
Peter Saulson
Natalia Zotov
Igor Yakushkin
Hiro Yamamoto

E2E School Contact Information:
Hiro Yamamoto
Biplab Bhawal
Giancarlo Cella
Matt Evans
Luca Matone
Virginio Sannibale

E2E School Pictures:

Last updated: 03/12/2002
For questions or comments please contact any or all of us:
Hiro Yamamoto
Biplab Bhawal
Szabolcs Marka