Installation Notes

In order to install the e2e simulation environment, download this file. This contains the time domain simulation software, modeler and modeler_freq.

Alfi is a graphical front end of the e2e simulation package to create box files to define and setup configurations to be simulated.

A new LIGO simulation package, SimLIGO, is available. Please download this file. In order to run this LIGO simulation, you need to have the above e2e package installed. Current version of SimLIGO  requires the latest simulation package, both Alfi and modeler/modeler_freq.

You may still wish to use the original "Han2k" model which was used mainly for studying lock-acquisition of the Hanford 2Km IFO. A multimode version of that model is available (NOTE: By default, it runs with plane-wave approximation just like the original version and you may change the "modal" parameter in e2eDB.mcr file in the package to run it with Gaussian beams). You may have it by downloading this package.

Another variant of the "Han2k" model, the "Han2kFP" model, may be used for studying the IFO state with only one arm locked. You may download it from here.

Since the release of e2e-1.7.10, the input matrix code and the primitive interface are updated to use the latest version of the code used at the LIGO site. Due to this change, Han2k needs to be modified. Just replace by this file.

After downloading these files, gunzip and tar -xvf them. These packages have README file at their root levels, which guide you how to install.

If you have problems installing, please let us know.