2ITM04 Input Test Mass for 2K interferometer

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Side 1  T=0.0283
Side 2  R=600ppm

2.6 ppm/cm ± 0.3

Phase map data  (about phase map format and filenames)
CIT Data
2ITM04-180, Dataset has Tilt and Power subtracted, there are no missing data points within the set
Z36_2ITM01-180  Zernike Coefficients for this data set (about Zernike Coeffs, we use the Wyko definitions)
Radius of curvature:  See last column at Index

Physical configuration:  See drawings at Index
Nominal:  25cm x 10 cm
Wedge:  0º34'  Installed with the thick side up - this orientation corresponds to the - 180º phase map designated -180

Image of Dataset 2ITM04-180