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This website is entirely obsolete and exists only for people who want to look back on pre-2004 material posted here.

This web site is a place for dissemination of information on the LSC Working Group on BURST SOURCES, charged with developing algorithms and statistical measures for discovering or setting upper limits on burst sources of gravitational waves using the LIGO interferometers. The documents are for LIGO/LSC internal use only.


  • Chairs: Peter Shawhan and Erik Katsavounidis .
  • To request membership, contact Peter Shawhan and Erik Katsavounidis .

  • Pre-2004 material:

  • Burst working group e-notebook
  • Burst working group e-calendar
  • 2005 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • 2004 Meeting Agendas and Minutes
  • Meeting Minutes from 2003 and earlier (Also here.)
  • Progress reports and other informal notes through May 2004
    (See e-notebooks for more recent work).
  • Selected papers of interest to the burst group.
  • Notes on Data analysis:

  • LDAS (LIGO Data Analysis System) web page
  • LDAS Bulletin Board
  • LAL (LIGO/LSC Analysis Library) Web Page
  • LSC ASIS (Astrophysical Source Identification and Signatures) Web page
  • LIGOTools Web Page
  • LDAS/LAL Software Specifications
  • LAL Software documentation
  • LALWrapper Software documentation
  • LDAS preliminary Design Document
  • LDAS Wrapper API Requirements and Implementation
  • LSC Working Group to Revise the Data Analysis White Paper
  • LSC Detection Confidence and Statistical Analysis working group
  • LSC Detector Characterization Working Group
  • LIGO Engineering Run Home Page
  • LIGO HPSS Frame Archive
  • Ed Daw's instructions for building the DMT package from the CVS repository.
  • Laura Cadonati's EventTool tutorials.
  • Event Tool Quick Start, Ito and Sigg, 1/22/02
  • Event Tool source code documentation
  • GDS build instructions, Rahkola, 2/12/02.
  • GDS / DMT web page
  • DMTSandbox Library documentation
  • ROOT Home Page and ROOT Classes Index.
  • MIT Group Burst Analysis Web Page.
  • MIT Data analysis web page.
  • eNotes on Bursts, Filters, etc
  • Using CVS for writing burst upper limit papers, Patrick Brady, 2/5/02.

    Relevant links

  • Astrophysical GW Source Archive, GSFC
  • MIT Data analysis web page.
  • LIGO Engineering Runs web page.
  • LIGO Science run S1 web page.
  • LHO iLogs
  • LLO iLogs
  • GEO Bursts web page
  • GEO iLogs
  • LIGO Amplitude Calibration Homepage
  • PSU eNotes on Bursts, Filters, etc
  • LIGO SNEWS Web Page.
  • Inspiral Upper Limit Working Group web page.
  • Periodic Sources Upper Limit Working Group web page.
  • Stochastic Upper Limit Working Group web page.
  • LIGO home page at Caltech
  • LIGO home page at MIT
  • LSC home page

    URL: http://www.ligo.caltech.edu/~ajw/bursts/bursts.html
    This page last modified October 2004.
    Questions? Contact Alan Weinstein.