Dr. Barry Barish

Talks, Papers and Presentations  - 2003

Last Updated:  June 7, 2005

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The State of LIGO - November 11, 2003
LSC Status ( 2,421,555 KB) PDF version
LSC Status (10,936,832 KB) Powerpoint version
Talk presented to the LIGO Scientific Collaboration (LSC).

What can Gravitational Waves do to Probe Early Cosmology?
- October 9, 2003
CERCA (2,676,224 KB) PDF version
CERCA (2,543,260 KB) Powerpoint version
Invited talk at the Kavli-CERCA Conference on the Future of Cosmology
at Case Western Reserve University, October 10 - 12, 2003.

LIGO and the Quest for Gravitational Waves
- September 24, 2003
UTAustin (8,880,901 KB) PDF version
UTAustin (14,227,968 KB) Powerpoint version
Colloquium at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas

Science Opportunities in Australia: Advanced LIGO - September 16, 2003
Australia  (1,776,443 KB) PDF version
Australia  (4,784,128 KB) Powerpoint version
Talk at Australian Parliament Symposium, Canberra, Australia

GWIC Report - September 9, 2003
GWIC_PaNAGIC (100,838 KB) PDF version
GWIC_PaNAGIC (49,152 KB) Powerpoint version
PaNAGIC Meeting, GWIC Report, TAUP Meeting - Seattle, Washington

Interferometric Gravitational Wave Detectors - September 9, 2003
TAUP (3,135,568 KB) PDF version
TAUP (5,759,488 KB) Powerpoint version
Frassati (21,144,064 KB) Powerpoint version
Talk given at TAUP Meeting, Seattle, Washington

State of LIGO - August 21, 2003
LSC Talk (2,732,722 KB) PDF version
LSC Talk (7,318,528 KB) Powerpoint version
Talk at LIGO Scientific Collaboration Meeting (LSC) at Hannover, Germany

NASA Hubble Transition Panel - August 3, 2003
Official HST-JWST Report (186,965 KB) PDF version
Transition Plan (4,851 KB) HTML version
Blue Ribbon Charter (6 KB) HTML version
NASA Hubble Transition Panel - Charge, Committee and Report, Washington DC

VIRGO: Observing the Most Violent Events in the Universe - July 23, 2003
VIRGO (2,596,253 KB) PDF version
VIRGO (4,969,472 KB) Powerpoint version
Talk at VIRGO Inauguration, Cascina, Italy

Report from GWIC - July 3, 2003
GWIC (663,881 KB) PDF version
GWIC (103,424 KB) Powerpoint version
Talk at the Amaldi Meeting, Pisa, Italy

Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves: First Upper Limits from LIGO - June 24, 2003
LBNL  (9,443,834 KB) PDF version
LBNL  (20,774,912 KB) Powerpoint version
Research Progress Meeting, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL)

Perspectives of the Physics Community - June 9, 2003
NRC (1,584,811 KB) PDF version
NRC (3,966,464 KB) Powerpoint version
Presentation to the NRC Committee on Setting Priorities for
NSF's Large Research Facility Projects, National Academy of Sciences,
Washington DC

Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves: First Upper Limits from LIGO - June 5, 2003
Caltech (9,216,363 KB) PDF version
Caltech (21,105,152 KB) Powerpoint version
X_arm_locking (11,804,432 KB) MPEG Video
XY_arm locking (9,134,934 KB) MPEG Video
Physics Colloquium at Caltech

Managing Big Science Projects - May 17, 2003
E103 (10,897,498 KB) PDF version
E103 (20,808,192 KB) Powerpoint version
Lecture given in Professor Kenneth Pickar's E103 Class, Caltech

Probing the Universe for Gravitational Waves: A First Glimpse with LIGO - April 10, 2003
Penn State (5,852,751 KB) PDF version
Penn State (10,963,968 KB) Powerpoint version
Colloquium at Penn State

Catching the Waves with LIGO - March 27, 2003
 Los Alamos (6,506,300 KB) PDF version
 Los Alamos (11,010,048 KB) Powerpoint version
Director's Colloquium at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Catching the Waves with LIGO - March 5, 2003
 Watson (6,504,458 KB) PDF version
 Watson (18,012,160 KB) Powerpoint version
The following are additional sections:
 binary 0.5 (40,322 KB) AU Audio
 curvature (7,582,122 KB) AVI Video
 DivX502Bundle (3,286,795 KB) Application
 neutron star inspiral (3,654,980 KB) MPEG Video
 PSR 0833+45 (159,726 KB) AU Audio
 pulsar 0329+54 (112,670 AU Audio
 ripple generic (14,835,004 KB) AVI Audio
 wave (3,499,466 KB) AVI Video
Watson Lecture web page -  Video of  Talk
Watson Lecture - Caltech, Beckman Auditorium

Gravity - Studying the Fabric of the Universe - February 17, 2003
AAAS (pdf version - 4,618,507 KB)
AAAS  (powerpoint version - 7,774,208 KB)
Presentation given at AAAS Annual Meeting, Denver, Colorado

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