GWADW 2018

Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop
12-17 May 2018, Girdwood, Alaska

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Gravitational-Wave Advanced Detector Workshop

12-17 May, 2018, Girdwood, Alaska

Second Generation (2G) Improvements and Third Generation (3G) Detector Design after Recent GW Detections

The recent detection of a Binary Neutron Star (BNS) merger, following earlier Binary Black Hole (BBH) merger detections, have clearly established the field of Gravitational Wave Detection Astronomy. Multimessenger Astronomy has also been established with the electromagnetic confirmation of the BNS GW signal. These events have an impact on enhancements to current (2G) detectors. and on future detector (3G) designs. The proposed 2G advances will take place using the present facilities, whereas the 3G detectors involve constructing new facilities. This workshop will explore, in detail, the science case for these improvements and new designs. There will be extensive discussions on the various technologies proposed for the enhancements and for the R&D programs for 3G detectors.

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