Alaska Airlines is offering a 5% discount on trips to and from Anchorage from May 14 - 25. The discount code is ECMA219. Unfortunately, this offer is not retroactive, so there will be no rebates for tickets already purchased.
Booking instructions

Participants will most likely arrive at Ted Stevens International Airport (ANC) in Anchorage. The simplest way to get to the Alyeska Prince Resort in Girdwood is to rent a car. A car will be useful both during GWADW 2015, and before and afterwards, during sightseeing.

For those who do not wish to drive, there are many taxi and shuttle services. The rates are ~ $100 - $125 for 1 - 4 passengers. If one can assemble a group, then the fare is reasonable.

A company called Shuttleman provides the following GWADW rates, which seem particularly suitable for 1 - 4 people. To access them, reserve and pay, use their website,, go to the Quick Quote section, and under the drop down menu for "Service", click on the tab for "GWADW Conference Service May 15 - 24".

1 GWADW ATTENDEE $59 one way
2 GWADW ATTENDEES $89 one way
3 GWADW ATTENDEES $109 one way
4 GWADW ATTENDEES $125 one way
5 GWADW ATTENDEES $145 one way
6 GWADW ATTENDEES $165 one way

1 GWADW ATTENDEE $99 roundtrip
2 GWADW ATTENDEE $149 roundtrip
3 GWADW ATTENDEES $185 roundtrip
4 GWADW ATTENDEES $212 roundtrip
5 GWADW ATTENDEES $246 roundtrip
6 GWADW ATTENDEES $280 roundtrip

The Alyeska Prince Resort Concierge has made arrangements to provide transportation from the Airport for $90 for 1 - 2 people, $125 for 3 - 5 people (one way). To get these rates you must contact the concierge. To contact the concierge call 1-907-754-2108 or email: