Information for fellows



All Fellows will need a computer; but because the size of the program, we cannot supply computers to students. If at all possible, plan to bring your own laptop.


Students in the LIGO Summer program receive a $6,000 stipend. The schedule of stipend payments will be communicated prior to the start of the summer.


Students in the LIGO Summer Program assigned to Caltech may live in Caltech housing during the program. The total cost is roughly 30% of the stipend, although exact rates will not be finalized until late spring. There is no board contract but there is a cafeteria on campus. Non-Caltech students cannot move into Caltech housing before mid-June. More information is available at the Caltech Housing website. Housing at LIGO's Hanford and Livingston sites will be provided, at a charge that is approximately the same as Caltech housing. Also, arrangements will be made for daily transportation to and from the sites.


Transportation to and from Caltech/Hanford/Livingston at the beginning and end of the program can probably be provided in full for all students. If there are insufficient funds for this, partial funding will be provided to cover transportation costs.

Site-specific information

Students in the LIGO Summer Program reside either at Caltech or one of the LIGO sites in Washington or Louisiana. Specify your preference(s) on the on-line application.

More information about logistics relevant for each site, coming soon.