Information for applicants

Frequently Asked Questions

If I am graduating in the spring, am I eligible for the LIGO summer program?
No. We can only accept continuing undergraduate students.

Can I start working before the start date?
Probably not at Caltech; maybe at the LIGO sites. Caltech is on a quarter system, and the dorms are fully occupied the end of the academic year. Thus we usually cannot house summer students before the program start date.

Can I work longer than 10 weeks?
Possibly; this needs to be worked out with your mentor after you've been accepted, and depends on your project. If you work longer than 10 weeks, you will be paid accordingly.

If I don't have both recommendations letters in time, can I still send in my application?
Partial applications will be considered, as long as they arrive before the application deadline. It's better to send us something on time than a complete application late. Late applications will not be considered except in special circumstance.

Do you take rising sophomores (who will be sophomores next year) into your program?
We usually take one or two rising sophomores each year. Most projects benefit from having a more extensive physics background, however, so we tend to give preference to rising juniors and seniors.

Do you take international students?
Yes. Some of our funding is restricted to U.S. citizens or permanent residents, but some is not. We typically take several international students each year.