Information for applicants


All continuing undergraduate students (i.e. who will be students next year) may apply. Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

Different projects require different skills and background, and we typically have some projects that are suitable for students who have just completed the freshman year.

Selected applicants will be matched with potential mentors and projects in mid- to late- February. You will have an opportunity to discuss the project with the mentor(s), and you will then be asked to prepare a project proposal or respond to challenge questions. Final selection of summer research fellows will take place in late February or early March.

Eligibility requirements for Caltech students:

To be eligible for SURF, you must:

Eligibility requirements for non-Caltech students:

To be eligible for SURF, you must:

Students at institutions in India

Review the information for opportunities for GW research in India.
Apply for summer internships with LIGO Laboratory.

Students from India typically must arrive and leave 2-3 weeks earlier than our normal program dates, and we try to accommodate that.

Deadlines and important dates

The 2019 LIGO Summer Program will run from June 18 through August 23, 2019. It is also possible to work longer than the standard 10 weeks of the program (for more pay), if this is arranged in advance.

Caltech SFP important dates

LIGO SURF-specific important dates:

The Physics REU sites directors will utilize a common deadline of March 1, 2019, for students to accept or decline first round offers at domestic (non-international) sites, but students will not be required to decide before March 1. Sites may send offers to students at any time before this, but students will not be required to decide before March 3. Because of necessary organizational lead time, international REU sites may require earlier acceptance dates.

The last day of the program (August 23, 2019) will be a busy one. Plan to stay at least through that date.