LIGO End to End model home page

This is the home page of the simulation group of LIGO developing the End to End model for LIGO and similar experiments.

E2E (end-to-end) Simulation software

Alfi (graphical editor for E2E)

To subscribe e2e related mail list, please visit the following webpages:

Announcements about e2e and Alfi , Physics using e2e , Programming of e2e and Alfi in genertal .

A mail list discussing any issues about interferometer simulations is also available.

Weekly E2E Physics Meeting:

New schedule : 10AM PST/PDT on every Wednesday

Next meeting at 10:00 AM ( PDT ) on Wednesday, August 30th at SCR, W. Bridge

Topics of discussion : Mark Barton about Tripple pendulum         Public Depository

Viewgraphs of past Physics meetings

All are welcome. To attend by phone, click here to get toll-free number and ID. In case of any problem, email

People working for the End to End model in LIGO

Melody Araya
Mark Barton
Biplab Bhawal
Giancarlo Cella
Matt Evans
Ed Maros
Luca Matone
Malik Rakhmanov
Virginio Sannibale
Bruce Sears
Hiro Yamamoto
Sany Yoshida