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2011 NSF Review of LIGO
16-18 November 2011, LIGO Hanford Observatory [LHO]

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I. Agenda, Charge, Panel Roster available upon request

II. Presentations

III. Attendees
A list of attending reviewers and NSF staff available upon request.
Rana Adhikari, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Dennis Coyne, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Peter Fritschel, LIGO Lab/MIT
Joe Giaime, LIGO Lab/LLO
Eric Gustafson, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Keita Kawabe, LIGO Lab/LHO
Michael Landry, LIGO Lab/LHO
Albert Lazzarini, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Marty Levine, LIGO Lab/LHO
David Nolting, LIGO Lab/LLO
Brian O'Reilly, LIGO Lab/LLO
Claude Poux, LIGO Lab/Caltech
David Reitze, LIGO Lab/Caltech
David Shoemaker, LIGO Lab/MIT
Daniel Sigg, LIGO Lab/LHO
Abe Singer, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Alan Weinstein, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Rai Weiss, LIGO Lab/MIT
Stan Whitcomb, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Carol Wilkinson, LIGO Lab/LHO
Roy Williams, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Mike Zucker, LIGO Lab/MIT
Gabriela Gonzalez, LSU

Masatake Ohashi, University of Tokyo
Shinji Miyoki, University of Tokyo

IV. Related Documents

LIGO Operations

Advanced LIGO

LIGO is funded by National Science Foundation
and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observatories located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington

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