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2008 NSF Review of LIGO and aLIGO Final
18-20 November 2008, Caltech

Agenda, Charge, Panel Roster available upon request.

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LIGO Overview Jay Marx
The LIGO Scientific Collaboration David Reitze
LIGO's International Role and Activities Stan Whitcomb
Accomplishments During the Past Year Albert Lazzarini
LIGO Operations Plan for FY09-FY13 Jay Marx
Compact Binary Coalescences: Overview of Searches and Related Work Pursued by LIGO Lab Members Alan Weinstein
Goals and Status of the Burst Searches Anthony Searle
The Search for Continuous Gravitational Waves Michael Landry
Limits on a Stochastic Background of Gravitational Waves Robert Ward
Enhanced LIGO Status Rana Adhikari
LIGO Education and Outreach, November 2008 Dale Ingram
Diversity Initiatives at Caltech Julia McCallin
LIGO Lab Diversity Activities Fred Raab

Advanced LIGO Review
Advanced LIGO Project Overview and Status David Shoemaker
Advanced LIGO Development and Engineering Status Dennis Coyne
Advanced LIGO Systems Design Peter Fritschel
Advanced LIGO Project Status and Management Issues Carol Wilkinson
Separation of MREFC and O&M Costs Carol Wilkinson

Rana Adhikari
Dennis Coyne
Peter Fritschel
Joe Giaime
Dale Ingram
Michael Landry
Albert Lazzarini
Jay Marx
Fred Raab
Anthony Searle
David Shoemaker
Robert Ward
Alan Weinstein
Stan Whitcomb
Carol Wilkinson

David Reitze

Andrew Lange
Tina Lowenthal
Julia McCallin

LIGO is funded by National Science Foundation
and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observatories located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington

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