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Advanced LIGO NSF Review, 31 May - 2 June 2006, MIT

Agenda available upon request.

Overview Jay Marx
Introduction to GW Interferometry Rainer Weiss
AdvLIGO Scope, Deliverables, Structure David Shoemaker
AdvLIGO Subsystems Technical I Dennis Coyne
AdvLIGO Subsystems Technical II Peter Fritschel
Project Documentation

Project Execution Plan [restricted access]
Reference Design
Additional Reading

Seismic Isolation
Feedforward Reduction of the Microseism Disturbance in a Long-Baseline Interferometric GW Detector
Long-Term Study of the Seismic Environment at LIGO
Seismic Isolation and Suspension Systems for AdvLigo
Seismic Isolation for Advanced LIGO

Characterisation of Mechanical loss in Synthetic Fused Silica Ribbons
Frequency and Surface Dependence of the Mechanical Loss in Fused Silica
Quadruple Suspension Design for Advanced LIGO
Seismic Isolation and Suspension Systems for AdvLIGO

Pre-Stabilised Laser
195 W Injection-Locked Single-Frequency Laser System
High-Power Single-Frequency Nd:YAG Laser for GW Detection
Laser Power Stabilization for Second Generation GW Detection

Input Optics
Compensation of Thermally Induced Modal Distortions in Faraday Isolators
Model of Thermal Wavefront Distortion in Interferometric GW Detectors I: Thermal Focusing
Suppression of Self-Induced Depolarization of High-Power Laser Radiation in Glass-Based Faraday Isolators

Core Optics
Considerations on Parametric Instability in Fabry-Perot Interferometer
Direct Observation of Broadband Coating Thermal Noise in a Suspended Interferometer
Enhanced Photothermal Displacement Spectroscopy for Thin-Film Characterization Using a Fabry-Perot Resonator
Measurement of Radiation-Pressure-Induced Optomechanical Dynamics in a Suspended Fabry-Perot Cavity

Auxiliary Optics
Active Wavefront Correction in Laser Interferometric GW Detectors
Model of Thermal Wavefront Distortion in Interferometric GW Detectors I: Thermal Focusing

Interferometer Sensing and Control
Control Sideband Generation for Dual-Recycled Laser Interferometric GW Detectors
Measurement of Optical Response of a Detuned Resonant Sideband Extraction Interferometer
Sensing and Control of the Advanced LIGO Optical Configuration

LIGO is funded by National Science Foundation
and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observatories located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington

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