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Annual NSF Review
April-May 2001, Caltech


Science and Engineering Runs - Plans and Schedule Dennis Coyne
Data Conditioning in LDAS: Report on the First Mock Data Challenge Lee S. Finn
First Analyses: GW Bursts and LIGO Lee S. Finn
Status of LDAS - Hardware Procurement Albert Lazzarini
Multi-Band Template Analysis for Inspiraling Binaries Benoit Mours
LSC Participation in Initial LIGO Detector Characterisation Keith Riles
LDAS Database Mock Data Challenge Peter Shawhan
Preparation to Data Sharing with International Partners Andrea Vicere
Paths to Improving Detector Performance Rainer Weiss, David Shoemaker
Detector Installation and Commissioning Stan Whitcomb

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and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
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