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NSF Annual Review of Advanced LIGO
30 April - 2 May 2013, LIGO Livingston Observatory

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I. Agenda, Charge to the Panel, Panel Roster, Breakout Information

» Agenda (pdf; also see below)
» Charge to the Panel
» Review Panel Roster

» Breakout presentations (see below)


Tuesday, 30 April
07:00 Bus departs from Hilton
07:45 Sign-in
08:00 Panel Executive Session, Closed
08:30 aLIGO Charge for Annual Review of Advanced LIGO, April 2013 Mark Coles
08:45 LIGO: Introduction and Context for April 2013 Advanced LIGO NSF Review David Reitze
09:30 Subsystem and Intstall Technical Progress Dennis Coyne
10:45 Break
11:00 Interferometer Integration, April 2013 Advanced LIGO NSF Review Peter Fritschel
12:15 Lunch
13:00 Tour
15:00 aLIGO Acceptance, Safety, QA, Risks, Vendor Oversight April 2013 David Shoemaker
16:15 Break
16:30 aLIGO Project Management Report for Annual NSF Review 4-10 Carol Wilkinson
17:45 Closed session; questions for aLIGO team formulated
18:30 Bus back to the hotel
19:30 Dinner at the hotel with Committee, NSF Staff, LIGO Staff

Wednesday, 1 May
07:10 Bus departs from Hilton
08:00 Closed Session
08:30 Breakouts (Breakout presentations)
Room 1
Project management; then Acceptance, QA, risks, Safety, vendor oversight
Room 2
Subsystem technical and acceptance status, test results via stand-alone and integration
12:30 Lunch
13:15 Plenary Final Session
Interferometer Integration; positioning for post-Project commissioning
Follow-up and Wrap-up Q&A
16:00 Closed Session; possibly questions for LIGO staff developed
17:30 Van back to the hotel, self-organized dining

Thursday, 2 May
07:10 Bus departs from Hilton
08:00 Closed session; writing; discussions with selected LIGO staff
12:00 Lunch
14:00 Closeout, end of review
15:00 Van to Airport

Breakout presentations (Wednesday, 1 May)

Wednesday Responses to Reviewer Questions

Auxiliary Optics (AOS) Elements Eric Gustafson
AOS Photon Calibrator Rick Savage
AOS Thermal Compensation Mindy Jacobson
Core Optics Components (COC) GariLynn Billingsley
Data Acquisition (DAQ) Rolf Bork
Data Computing and Storage (DCS) Stuart Anderson
Facilities Modifications and Preparations (FMP) John Worden (Dennis Coyne)
Input Optics (IO) Matthew Heintze
Interferometer Sensing and Control (ISC) Peter Fritschel
Pre-Stabilized Laser (PSL) David Feldbaum
Quality Assurance and Manufacturing (QAME) Jeffrey Lewis (Calum Torrie)
Safety David Nolting
Seismic Isolation Fabrice Matichard
Suspensions Norna Robertson

Pre-review Telecon

II. Review Documents and Background Documents

Advanced LIGO

III. Attendees

LIGO Lab and LSC

Richard Abbott, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Stuart Anderson, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Stuart Aston, LIGO Lab/LLO
Angus Bell, LSC/Univ of Glasgow
GariLynn Billingsley, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Rolf Bork, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Nathan Campbell, LIGO Lab/LHO
Dennis Coyne, LIGO Lab/Caltech
David Feldbaum, LIGO Lab/LLO
John Ford, LIGO Lab/LHO
Kim Ford, LIGO Lab/LHO
Peter Fritschel, LIGO Lab/MIT
Gabriela Gonzalez, LSC/LSU
Eric Gustafson, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Matthew Heintze, LIGO Lab/LLO
Mindy Jacobson, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Mary Kurts, LIGO Lab/LHO
Albert Lazzarini, LIGO Lab/Caltech
B. Martin Levine, LIGO Lab/LHO
Fabrice Matichard, LIGO Lab/MIT
David Nolting, LIGO Lab/LLO
Brian O'Reilly, LIGO Lab/LLO
Fred Raab, LIGO Lab/LHO
Celine Ramet, LIGO Lab/LLO
David Reitze, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Norna Robertson, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Janeen Romie, LIGO Lab/LLO
Richard Savage, LIGO Lab/LHO
David Shoemaker, LIGO Lab/MIT
Daniel Sigg, LIGO Lab/LHO
Calum Torrie, LIGO Lab/Caltech
Carol Wilkinson, LIGO Lab/LHO
Benno Willke, LSC/AEI

LIGO is funded by National Science Foundation
and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observatories located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington

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