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2012 April NSF Review of LIGO-India Effort
17 April, 2012

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I. Agenda, Charge, Review Panel, Presentations


07:00-07:10 Introductions and Charge Tom Carruthers
07:10-07:40 Overview and Recommendations David Reitze
07:40-08:25 Evaluation of the Decision Criteria / Response to the October Review Report Stan Whitcomb
08:25-09:40 LIGO-India: Participating Institutions, Project Organization, Funding Status, Site Evaluation Status P.D. Gupta, Predhiman Kaw, Ajit Kembavi
09:40-09:50 LIGO Laboratory Oversight Committee Evaluation and Recommendation Tom Soifer
09:50-10:20 Break
10:20-11:00 LIGO Lab Oversight and Commitments to LIGO-India Albert Lazzarini
11:00-11:40 Impact on Advanced LIGO: Replanning for LIGO-India David Shoemaker
11:40-12:00 NSF Oversight/NSB Approval Joe Dehmer

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II. Supporting Documents

III. Attendees


Gabriela Gonzalez
P.D. Gupta
P.K. Gupta
Bala Iyer
Predhiman Kaw
Ajit Kembhavi
Ajai Kumar
Albert Lazzarini
Sendhil Raja
David Reitze
David Shoemaker
Tarun Souradeep
C.S. Unnikrishnan
Stan Whitcomb


Tom Carruthers
Joe Dehmer
Pedro Marronetti
Jerry Marty

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