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2011 Annual NSF Review of aLIGO
25-27 April 2011, LIGO Livingston Observatory [LLO]

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I. Presentations

Subsystem Technical and Cost/Schedule Presentations

[LIGO Abbreviations and Acronyms]

  1. Management and Site

  2. Isolation and Suspension

  3. Optics

  4. Computing

II. Agenda, Charge to the Panel, Panel Roster

Charge to the Panel

Panel Roster


Monday, 25 April
07:45 Continental Breakfast and Sign-in
08:00 Panel Executive Session, Closed
08:30 Introduction and Charge to the Panel Tom Carruthers
08:40 Introduction and Context Jay Marx
09:10 Advanced LIGO Status David Shoemaker
10:35 Break
10:45 AdvLIGO Technical Status (1) Peter Fritschel
11:45 Lunch
12:30 AdvLIGO Technical Status (2) Dennis Coyne
13:30 Installation Status Brian O'Reilly
14:15 Integration Planning Daniel Sigg, Valera Frolov
15:00 AdvLIGO Project Performance and Management Report Carol Wilkinson
16:15 Breakout Sessions
17:45 Panel Executive Session, Closed; Panel composes and submits questions for Wednesday breakout sessions
Tuesday, 26 April
07:45 Continental Breakfast
08:00 Breakout Sessions
11:45 Lunch
12:15 Tour
13:45 Breakout Sessions
16:00 Panel Executive Session, Closed
Wednesday, 27 April
07:45 Continental Breakfast
08:00 Executive Session, Closed (writing)
10:30 Closing Address
11:00 End of Review

IV. Attendees


Rich Abbott
Stuart Anderson
Bob Anderson
Lisa Austin
Mark Barton
Angus Bell
GariLynn Billingsley
Rolf Bork
Dwight Carter
Doug Cook
Dennis Coyne
John Ford
Peter Fritschel
Valera Frolov
Joseph Giaime
Gabriela Gonzalez
Justin Greenhalgh
Eric Gustafson
Jim Hough
Mindy Jacobson
Eric James
Peter King
Jeff Kissel
Mary Kurts
Michael Landry
Albert Lazzarini
Dorothy Lloyd
Zsuzsa Marka
Jay Marx
Ken Mason
Fabrice Matichard
Ted McLean
Guido Mueller
Jennie Murdock
David Nolting
Brian O'Reilly
Claude Poux
Celine Ramet
Norna Robertson
Janeen Romie
Sheila Rowan
Rick Savage
Dave Reitze
David Shoemaker
Daniel Sigg
Abe Singer
Bram Slagmolen
Mike Smith
David Tanner
Keith Thorne
Calum Torrie
Stan Whitcomb
Alan Wilkins
Carol Wilkinson
Phil Willems
Benno Willke
Bonnie Wooley
Rusyl Wooley
John Worden

LIGO is funded by National Science Foundation
and operated by California Institute of Technology and Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Observatories located in Livingston, Louisiana, and Hanford, Washington

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