Advanced LIGO April 2010 Review


Breakout Sessions



A. Management and Site

Materials for discussion

4.01 Facility Modification and Preparation

FMP Technical

FMP Cost/Schedule

4.13 Installation and Testing

INS Technical

INS Cost/Schedule

4.14.1 Project Management and Controls

QA Technical
Safety Technical

PM Cost/Schedule

4.14.2 Systems Engineering and Integration

SYS Technical





B. Isolation and Suspension



4.02 Seismic Isolation

SEI Technical

SEI Cost/Schedule

4.03 Suspensions

SUS Technical

SUS Cost/Schedule




C. Optics



4.04 Pre-Stabilized Laser

PSL Technical

PSL Cost/Schedule

4.05 Input Optics

IO Technical

IO Cost/Schedule

4.06 Core Optics

COC Technical

COC Cost/Schedule

4.07 Auxiliary Optics (early in day, please)

AOS Technical

AOS Cost/Schedule



D. Computing



4.08 Interferometer Sensing and Control

ISC Technical

ISC Cost/Schedule

4.09 Data Acquisition Systems

DAQ Technical

DAQ Cost/Schedule

4.12 Data & Computing Systems

DCS Technical

DCS Cost/Schedule