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Advanced R&D Review, January 2001, Caltech

Agenda available upon request.

The Core Optics GariLynn Billingsley
Sapphire Development Program Jordan Camp
Advanced Interferometer Sensing and Control (ISC) Dennis Coyne
LIGO II Seismic Isolation System (SEI) Design Requirements Peter Fritschel
Sensing and Control for LIGO II Peter Fritschel
Advanced LIGO Seismic Isolation System Conceptual Design Joseph Giaime
Digital Controls, ADC and DAC R&D for LIGO II Jay Heefner
Engineering Test Facility, Stanford University Brian Lantz
The Thermal Noise Interferometer Kenneth Libbrecht
Input Optics R&D for Advanced LIGO David Reitze
Suspension Design for Advanced LIGO: Conceptual Design and GEO Activities Norna Robertson
Overview of LIGO R&D and Planning for Advanced LIGO Detectors Gary Sanders
R&D for Advanced LIGO 2002-2006 David Shoemaker
Caltech 40m Prototype Program Alan Weinstein
Suspension Design for Advanced LIGO Philip Willems
Laser Development for Advanced LIGO Benno Willke
Adaptive Thermal Compensation / Advanced Photodetectors / Photon Drive Michael Zucker

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