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Highlights and Press Releases
  NSF Green Lights Advanced LIGO (April 2008)
  Honouring Roy Kerr: Maurice Van Putten, video (August 2004)
  MIT LIGO: Many Gamma-Ray Bursts Undetected (August 2003)
  Einstein's Gravitational Waves May Set Speed Limit for Pulsar Spin (July 2003)
  Science Begins for LIGO in Quest to Detect Gravitational Waves, Caltech press release (April 2003)
  Catching the Waves With LIGO, Watson lecture by B. Barish (March 2003)
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  Probing the Universe for Gravity Waves: A First Look at LIGO (February 2003)
  LIGO-TAMA Joint Data Analysis Agreement (December 2002)
  Barry Barish nominated to National Science Board (October 2002)
  The S2 Science Run Schedule (October 2002)
  LIGO, other GW projects featured in CERN Courier (September 2002)
  LIGO featured on National Public Radio and in Newsday (September 2002)
  "How Many Space Dimensions Does the Universe Have?"
video of Eric Adelberger's public lecture at LSC Meeting (August 2002)
  Kip Thorne, LIGO featured in Los Angeles Times (August 2002)
  Success at the E7 Run (February 2002)
  Hanford Earthquake (February 2001)
  First Lock (October 2000)
  LIGO featured in new book Einstein's Unfinished Symphony by Marcia Bartusiak
  LIGO featured in the October 2000 issues of Sky & Telescope and Astronomy magazines
  LIGO Listens to the Universe - Simulations of Gravitational Waves from LIGO I (October 2000)
  Marcel Grossman Conference - Transparencies of LSC Presentations (July 2000)
  Brushfire at Hanford Observatory (June 2000)
  LIGO Inauguration, Videos, Photos (November 1999)
  Amaldi '99 Proceedings
  NSF's fiscal 1999 budget request
  Highlights and Press Releases 1994-1995
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  NSF Reviews
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Matters of Gravity
  An informal newsletter for the relativity and gravitation community, edited by Jorge Pullin, Louisiana State University.
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