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7 July
AM Theory & Experiment Overviews
B. Schutz GW, Sources, and Physics Overview
V. Fafone Resonant Detectors: Bars and Spheres
R. Weiss Interferometric Detectors on Earth
K. Danzmann LISA, A Space-Based Interferometer
PM Status & Results from Running Detectors & Detectors Being Commissioned
F. Frasconi Status of VIRGO
F. Bondu VIRGO Central Interferometer Commissioning
R. Takahashi Status of TAMA300
D. Sigg Commissioning of LIGO Detectors
B. Willke Status of GEO600
B. Allen Anaysis of Data from LIGO and GEO
W. Johnson Upgrading Allegro
L. Taffarello Status Report of AURIGA
M. Visco The New Science Run of Explorer and Nautilus
G.A. Prodi Results of the Search for Burst GW by IGEC
8 July
AM GW Sources
A. Vecchio Low-Frequency GW Sources
K. Kokkotas High-Frequency GW Sources
M. Benacquista Simulation of the LISA Data Stream from Galactic White Dwarf Binaries
L. Gualtieri GW from Rotating Proto-Neutron Stars
J.C. de Araujo Can BH MACHO Binaries Be Detected by the Brazilian Spherical Antenna?
Y. Itoh On the Equation of Motion of Compact Binaries in Post-Newtonian Approximation
L. Wen Possible Eccentric BH Binary Mergers and Their Implications for LIGO Detectors
M. van Putten Long Bursts of GW Radiation from BH Spin Energy as Observational Opportunities for LIGO/VIRGO
J. Pullin Novel Finite Differencing Techniques for Numerical Relativity
C.N. Colacino Stochastic Background from Extradimensions
C. Will Testing Alternative Theories of Gravity Using LISA
A. Spalliecci Perturbation Method in the Assessment of Radiation Reaction in the Capture of Stars by BH
PM GW Space Detectors
S. Vitale The SMART-2 LISA Test Flight
W. Weber Drag-Free Control Technology for LTP
G. Heinzel The SMART-2 LTP IFO and Phasemeter
S. Buchman The Gravity Reference Sensor for Drag Reduction System Flight Demonstration
R. Spero The DRS-ST7 Interferometer
S. Tirabassi Micro-Thruster Development in Europe
M. Gamero A Colloid Thruster for the ST-7 Disturbance Reduction System
T. Sumner Description of Charging Processes of the LISA Sensors
M. Hüller Torsion Pendulum Ground Testing Results for LISA Gravitational Reference Sensors
P. McNamara Laser Stabilisation for LISA
S. Merkowitz Structural, Thermal, Optical, and Gravitational Modelling for LISA
9 July
AM Status & Results from Running Detectors & Detectors Being Commissioned (II)
P. Puppo Last-Stage Suspensions of VIRGO Mirrors
I. Fiori Properties of Seismic Noise of VIRGO
H. Grote Alignment Control of GEO600
M. Landry Monitoring LIGO Data During S2 Science Run
B. O'Reilly Calibration Accuracy of LIGO Interferometers
D. Tatsumi Online Calibration and Preprocesses in TAMA
O. Aguiar The Brazilian Spherical Detector: Progress and Plans
A. de Waard Cooling MiniGRAIL to milliKelvin Temperatures
J. Zendri Two-Modes Capacity Transducer Equipped with a 2-Stage SQUID Amplifier for AURIGA
H. Grote Dual Recycling at GEO
W. Johnson An Advanced Transducer for ALLEGRO
PM Data Analysis
A. Weinstein First Upper Limits from LIGO on GW Bursts
J. Whelan First Upper Limit Analysis and Results from LIGO Science Data: Stochastic Background
G. Gonzalez Search for Inspiralling NS in LIGO S1 Data
B. Allen, G. Woan Setting Upper Limits on the Strength of Periodic GW Using the First Science Data from the GEO600 and LIGO Detectors
H. Takahashi Search for GW from Inspiralling Compact Binaries Using TAMA300 Data
Y. Tsunesada Search for GW from BH Ringdowns
L. Bosi Search for Inspiralling Binaries Events in the VIRGO Engineering Run Data
M. Yvert A First Test of a Sine-Hough Method for Detection of Pulsars in Binary Systems Using the E4 VIRGO Test Run Data
A. Vecchio Searching for Quasi-Monochromatic GW from Rapidly Rotating NS in Binary Systems
I.M. Pinto Chirp Detection: False Alarm Probability, Template Density and Thresholds
M. Ando Analysis for Burst GW with TAMA300 Data
L.S. Finn BlockNormal: Change-Point Detection for GW Detector Data
P. Sutton Searching for GW Bursts in LIGO with a Change-Point Analysis
L. Cadonati Confidence Test for Waveform Consistency of LIGO Burst Candidate Events
G. Santostasi Bar-Like Filter for Bursts Search Using Interferometric Detectors
A. Viceré Performance of a 'Generalised Delta-Filter' for the Detection of Burst Events
G. Santostasi Fully Optimal Filter for ALLEGRO
G. Modestino Bars Data Analysis for Searching Counterpart of Gamma-Ray Bursts
S. Mohanty Gamma-Ray Bursts and GW: Observational Results from LIGO Science Runs
J. Sylvestre Position Estimation from a Network of Interferometers
S. Heng Coherent Network Analysis for Burst GW Search
B. Cusack Global Second- and Third-Order Correlations in Physical Environment Monitors
10 July
AM Advanced Techniques
E. D'Ambrosio Advanced LIGO: Non-Gaussian Beams
B. Cusack Study of a Universally Tunable Electro-Optics Modulator
F. Garoi Test of Radiation Pressure Actuation of Test Masses
K. Takeno Development of High-Power and Stable Laser for Large-Scale Cryogenic GW Telescope
D. Blair The AIGO High-Power Test Facility
M. Frede High-Power Single-Frequency Nd:YAG Laser for GW Detection
J. Degallaix Thermal Lensing Compensation for AIGO High-Power Test Facility
G. de Vine Experimental Control and Frequency Response of a Quantum Speed Meter Configuration
J. Chow Spot Size and Guoy Phase Invariant Telescope Design for Auto-Alignment of Resonant Optical Cavities
J. Giaime Seismic Isolation Enchancements for Initial and Advanced LIGO
S. Goßler Violin Mode Tuning and Damping in Monolithic Fused Silica Suspensions
L. Pinard The VIRGO Large Mirrors: A Challenge for Low Loss Coatings
E. Calloni Adaptive Optics Correlation of Laser Beams Based on Interferometric Error Signal Detection
PM no sessions
11 July
AM Noise Sources & Quantum Limits
S. Wise Linewidth Broadened 'White Light' Fabry-Perot Cavities Within GW Detectors
K. McKenzie Squeezing for Quantum Noise Reduction in GW Detectors
R. Schnabel Squeezed Light for the Interferometric Detection of High-Frequency GW
A. Heidmann Quantum Locking of Mirrors in Interferometric Measurements
S. Rowan Thermoelastic Disspation in Inhomogeneous Media: Coated Test Masses
D. Crooks Experimental Measurements of Coating Mechanical Loss Factor
A. Freise Frequency Domain Interferometer Simulations Including Higher Order Spatial Modes
K. Yamamoto Mechanical Loss of Reflective Coatings at Low Temperature
V. Mitrofanov Investigation of Electric Charges on Fused Silica Test Mass
J. Smith Quality Factor Measurements of Monolithically Suspended Mirrors in the GEO600 GW Detector
A. di Virgilio Low-Frequency Facility
K. Numata Direct Measurement of Mirror Thermal Noise
C. Frajuca A Noise Model for the Brazilian GW Detector
PM Future Detectors
D. Shoemaker Advanced LIGO
R. DeSalvo A Proposal for Additional Low-Frequency GW Interferometric Detectors at LIGO
M. Bonaldi Wide Bandwidth Dual Acoustic GW Detectors
T. Uchiyama Present Status of LCGT
S. Miyoki CLIO Cryogenic Laser Interferometer
A. Giazotto Cryogenic Interferometers: Some Good Reasons for Pursuing Them
L. Gottardi Development of Transducers and Low-Noise Two-Stage SQUID Amplifiers for MiniGRAIL
G. Mazzitelli RAP: Thermoacoustic Detection at the DAFNE Beam Test Facility
A. Bullington Simulationg Thermal Effects in GW Interferometers Using MATLAB: Melody
P. Bender Possible Improved LISA Follow-On Missions
B. Lamine Anisotropy of Space and Relic GW: Possible Detection?

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