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  Some Do's and Don'ts of Computer Use

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  • read and follow the LIGO Computer Use Policy
  • become familiar with, and follow local computer use policies
  • keep up to date on OS patches and virus protection software
  • use only LIGO-approved equipment on the LIGO network
  • use good passwords and change them every 6 months   [What is a good password?]
  • use different passwords for different accounts and locations
  • contact the local system administrator for help with any questions or problems
  • keep your computers and laptops in a secure location to prevent theft

Do not

  • share your password with others
  • install pirated software or products not licensed for use by LIGO, including personal software
  • engage in unauthorised use of other copyrighted materials (software, images, music)
  • use LIGO resources for non-LIGO activities
  • use mailing lists for personal agendas. Only LIGO business items should be posted to LIGO mailing lists.


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