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New Home For MIT LIGO Group Nears Completion

New Home For MIT LIGO Group Nears Completion

- Contributed by David Shoemaker

The new laboratory and office space for the MIT LIGO effort is deep into construction. At this time the new basement concrete pad to support interferometry has been poured, new walls are up, basic utilities are in place, and the offices are at last beginning to look like... well, offices. Definite dates for moving are now pinpointed: On July 14th a small army of movers will appear in Building 20, our present home. On July 17th they will have transported all people and things to NW 17, our new home. Quick, neat and orderly from start to finish. Only the certain anarchy of the period between remains to be feared.

Building 20 currently feels like a ghost town. Or perhaps Alcatraz is a better image, given the steel gates blocking off closed-up wings, and the way the tired infrastructure shows through now that there is no vibrant activity to mask its fatigue.

Some photos of the new space under construction are below.

Figure 1. The West Tank Area of the Hi-Bay Figure 2. The Shop Figure 3. The Optics Rooms Figure 4. View From the South Tank Area Toward the Central Tank Area