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Progress At Livingston Observatory Continuing On All Fronts

Progress At Livingston Observatory Continuing On All Fronts

- Contributed by Gerry Stapfer

Figure 1. View of Arm-2 At Its Overpass

This week, the pump down of the Arm-2 (West) Beam Tube was begun. We expect to start the turbo pumps after about 48 hours of "roughing." The tube is completely covered with the pre-fabricated concrete enclosures all of which have been sealed and grouted. Installation of the access and emergency exit doors is almost complete on this arm as well. Figure 1 at left gives a view of Arm-2 and its newly-built overpass.

All the site buildings are now jointly occupied by LIGO and its contractors. Figure 2. Looking South Down Arm-1 The building contractor is in the process of completing his "punch list." The vacuum equipment which will house the interferometer has started to arrive at the site. It is being placed in the buildings, and installation is scheduled to begin next week.

Installation of the Beam Tubes is continuing at the scheduled rate along Arm-1, the South Arm, without difficulties. Almost one half of these tubes have been installed. Covering of this tube with concrete enclosures has also started. Figure 2 at right shows a view looking South down Arm-1. We anticipate to complete the installation of this arm by the beginning of July.