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Peter Saulson Delivers 2004 LIGO Public Lecture

The LIGO Hanford Observatory annually offers the LIGO Public Lecture in conjunction with the late summer meeting of the LIGO Science Collaboration at the Hanford site. With the LIGO detectors continuing to increase in sensitivity and with interest in the science of LIGO continuing to grow, this year presented the right moment to focus the public lecture on gravitational wave detection. Professor Peter Saulson of Syracuse University, a veteran of gravitational wave research and the current Spokesperson for the LSC, gave a one-hour talk to an audience of local and regional residents in which he compared electromagnetic radiation to its gravitational counterpart. Peter also discussed the scientific and engineering challenges of gravitational wave detection. In attendance were several LSC scientists with significant histories in the field, making the Chief Joseph Middle School auditorium the global center of gravitational wave expertise for one warm August evening. The general audience remained undaunted by the "ringers" in their midst (or perhaps were inspired by their presence!) and asked a wide range of thought-provoking questions following the talk, bringing an appropriate close to a stimulating presentation.

[introduction] [interferometer]
Introduction by LHO Head Fred Raab Peter Saulson demonstrates the small Michelson Interferometer
[electric charge 1] [electric charge 2] [gravity 1] [gravity 2]
Comparing electric charge to gravitational charge with an audience volunteer

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