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Trading the Garden for The City:
Szabi Marka Moves to Columbia University

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- Contributed by Szabi Marka and Linda Turner

This summer marked the leaving of Szabi Marka from LIGO and the beginning of new horizons for he and his family in New York City. Szabi has accepted an instructor's position at Columbia University and his move to the East represented many changes for his family in location, weather, environment, and his career. We asked Szabi to tell us a little about his transition from LIGO to Columbia University. He replied with the following note that he wished us to share with all of his colleagues at LIGO.

Hiking with friends

"Well, it is time to change our life once again. As it is said, one has to move in order to stay. After five years of many enjoyable challenges with LIGO, my family and I will move to the East Coast. I will pursue interesting physics problems as an Assistant Professor at Columbia University in the City of New York. I intend to remain in close contact with LIGO through the LSC as my new research group has become a member of the collaboration as of this summer's LSC meeting. My wife Zsuzsa will continue to tackle pressing problems in environmental/atmospheric science.

Emese Horseback Riding.

"It is both a very exciting and emotional time for us. We have had a fabulous time in Pasadena and at Caltech. I learned a great deal during these past years and am very grateful for all the support I received, for the opportunities provided me, and foremost for the help from everyone in assisting me to grow. Now, Columbia will be another exciting challenge, and we expect that much adventure awaits us in the big City! It will be quite a change, though, living in the heart of Manhattan instead of a quiet haven in the foothills of San Gabriel!

Szabi, Zsuzsa and their family

"Many thanks to all for the memorable years, and please don't forget to come see us when visiting New York!"

Although it has been our privilege of getting to know just about everyone who comes to Caltech to work at LIGO, there are sometimes those special ones who always seem to have a ready smile and an upbeat can-do attitude. Szabi brought this positive glow with him and he was always a joy to be around. He will be dearly missed by his friends and colleagues at Caltech. To he and his family, we wish you all the best in your relocation and new endeavors.

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