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Otto Matherny Retires

Otto Matherny Retires

- Contributed by Terry Gunter

The decision by LIGO veteran Otto Matherny to retire at the end of last summer came as unhappy news for his many colleagues. But it was fairly good news for Otto himself, who can now look forward to life lived on his own schedule. To celebrate his future, as well as to show him our affection, Otto was thrown a surprise luncheon in Hanford's large OSB conference room before his departure. Gary Sanders flew up from California and joined Fred Raab as the two presenters of the occasion. The surprise gathering was attended by the local LIGO staff, and also included Otto's wife, Marjorie. Lunch consisted of steak, potatoes and corn on the cob, and was prepared by Terry Santini. Otto was presented with an engraved plaque which featured a photo of Otto standing beside one of Hanford's interferometer arms. Terry Santini also presented Otto with a Memory Album which she made, containing photos of Otto and the Hanford Observatory dating back to the site's very beginning. Otto was quite touched by the occasion, as was Marjorie. In true Otto spirit, his last words to everyone after the festivities ended were, "Now get back to work."

Fred, Marjorie, and Otto. Fred and Otto. Fred, Marjorie, and Otto.
Otto and Gary. Otto's plaque.
Otto and Terry.
Otto. Otto's fellow workers.

The following day, Marjorie and Otto held their own Retirement party at their home in Prosser. The affair began at about 2:00 pm and lasted for several hours. It was quite a treat since the Matherny's home sits atop one of the tallest hills in Prosser. The view from it is spectacular! Most of Otto's local co-workers and their families were there, as was Otto's own family. Otto and Marjorie supplied all the meat, and everyone else brought side dishes and desserts. Great food and drink were had by all.

LIGO was Otto's last civil Engineering project. He will be greatly missed by all of us. But even though he is retired, Otto has no intention of just sitting around. Nothing can hold him down. Otto's immediate plans are to sell his home in Prosser, move closer to his family in Issaquah, Washington (near Seattle), and remodel a family home, which he has already started.

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