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The Project Control's Holiday Gathering

The Project Control's Holiday Gathering

- Contributed by Dave Beckett

This year the annual Project Controls Winter Holiday Gathering was again a roaring success. For 2003, the Gathering was once more returned to its ideal timeslot of mid-December. It will be remembered that last year's experiment with holding the Winter Gathering in early-August resulted in profound confusion, lackluster turnout, inappropriate attire and, of course, the inevitable hot-tempered brawls. This year's event was much more dignified, as the Pasadena Riot Police were summoned only once, and total arrests were down significantly from previous years.

The celebration was again held at Chez Lindquist, under the jovial supervision of Santa Phil, whose skillful and color-drenched paintings decorated the home like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Phil Lindquist.

Some of the most glittering stars in the LIGO firmament were on display, since the Project Control's Winter Gathering is renowned far and wide as the "must-attend" event of the holiday season.

Cindy and Gene Akutagawa. Gina Salone (front) and Florence Kaufman. Bill Tyler (left) and Jim Covington.

Included among the elite guest-list were (above, left to right) Cindy Akutagawa, accompanied by husband Gene; Gina Salone and Florence Kaufman; Bill Tyler and Jim Covington.

Also gracing the stage on this gala occasion were (below, left to right) Donna Tomlinson and Irene Baldon; and Esther Cunningham as Mrs. Claus.

Donna Tomlinson and Irene Baldon. Esther Cunningham.

Plus, a rare special appearance by Syd Meshkov...

Syd Meshkov.

But the hands-down spotlight performer of the event turned out to be none other than Donna Tomlinson, who opened one white-elephant gift after another...

Donna Tomlinson - 1. Donna Tomlinson - 2. Donna Tomlinson - 3
Donna Tomlinson - 4. Donna Tomlinson - 5. Donna Tomlinson - 6

...only to have each one stolen in turn by her scoundrel work-mates.

Donna Tomlinson - 7.

Fortunately, Donna didn't get stuck with the wisecracking toy man whose oddly strained smile suggests that his toothbrush has somehow become lodged inside his jaw.

Unfortunate Toy Man.

And so ended another Winter Gathering, and a merry time was had by all. Special holiday thanks are given to Phil Lindquist and Paula Hockster for inviting us back to their lovely home for this festive affair. We doff our Santa's caps also to Thomas Frey, who was very much a part of this year's event but suffered the unfair fate of all those who wind up being the official photographers--they are never in any of the pictures.

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