GEO Joins LIGO for the Conclusion of the S3 Run!
         by Peter Saulson and Stan Whitcomb

Newsletter Front Page

Toward the close of December some excellent news arrived from the GEO 600 Project. GEO has made remarkable progress on its 600 meter interferometer, succeeding in operating the instrument in a signal recycled mode with good sensitivity. This is a major accomplishment for GEO and good news for LIGO as well, since this demonstrates a key feature planned for Advanced LIGO. The GEO 600 interferometer is tuned for its best sensitivity at 1 kHz, and achieves a sensitivity which is close to what LIGO has marked in that region. The GEO 600 continues to demonstrate a splendid duty cycle as well, generally ninety-five percent or better.

The GEO team announced that they could be ready to join the third Science Run (S3) presently underway at LIGO in a matter of a few days. LIGO's S3 had been scheduled to end on Monday, January 5, 2004. But because the teaming with GEO affords a valuable occasion for an overlap of data from four interferometers, it was decided to extend the S3 run by four additional days to increase the overlap period and take full advantage of this opportunity. LIGO offers congratulations to GEO on its great attainment, and looks forward to finishing the S3 in a rewarding partnership.