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New Horizons, New Challenges for Two LIGOites

- Contributed by Linda Turner

July saw two Caltech LIGO colleagues begin new stages in their careers. Dennis Ugolini headed out for new horizons as an Assistant Professor at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. As this is his first teaching position, Dennis is quite excited, though a bit nervous. Classes begin at the end of August, so he'll have a little time to settle in before embarking on the new school year.

Rich Abbott is facing new challenges as he relocates to the Livingston Observatory, where he'll continue to work for the LIGO Laboratory. He and his wife, Tracey, have bought a new house outside of Baton Rouge, and will be kept busy as they work toward making it feel like home.

Dennis Ugolini. Rich Abbott.

Though it won't be easy to see them go, neither has really left us. At the last LIGO Scientific Collaboration meeting in Livingston, Trinity University was accepted into the LSC, so Dennis will continue to take shifts and do research for LIGO. Dennis adds, "the fact that Rich will be a part of the Livingston Observatory makes it quite convenient for me, since I can help prototype and develop improvements to the Pre-Stabilized Laser subsystem and have Rich geographically nearby to work with."

We wish our best to both Rich and Dennis as they go forward into new endeavors. You will both be missed here at Caltech!

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