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Sabbatical for Stan Starts with Shebang

Sabbatical for Stan Starts with Shebang

- Contributed by Linda Turner

Stan Whitcomb. After 20 years of coaching LIGO from its conception and birth, and then helping to lead it into a world-class scientific laboratory, Stan Whitcomb has earned a few days off. For some time, Stan has looked forward to taking a sabbatical and now his dream has become reality. Beginning in August, Stan will enjoy the beauty of Australia as he works at the Australian National University while playing tourist in the "land of Oz." Before he left, many of Stan's LIGO colleagues gathered in a farewell celebration at the Crown City Brewery in Pasadena to say so-long and to wish Stan well. Though gone for only six months, Stan's expertise, guidance and genial fellowship will be missed by all (his return is already eagerly anticipated!). We wish him a wonderful interlude of rest, adventure, and rejuvenation. But then, it's back to the grind here at LIGO!

Some Revelers and Well-wishers from Stan's LIGO family...

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