LIGO Invades Your Local Newsstand!
         by Dave Beckett

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Coming this September to a newsstand near you, the two most prestigious journals of popular astronomy, "Sky and Telescope" and "Astronomy," will both contain feature articles on gravitational-wave detection and the LIGO Observatory. The stories are slated to appear in the October 2000 issues of the magazines, which hit the newsstands in early September.

In-depth details about the "Astronomy" article were unavailable at press time but if it's about LIGO, what else need you know? The article couldn't be otherwise than completely fascinating. It's a must-read. Go, buy, and enjoy.

About the "Sky & Telescope" feature, we have a little more information, chiefly because the scribe behind it is none other than than our own LIGO Deputy Director, Dr. Gary Sanders (with a little help dotting the i's and crossing the t's from yours truly). The article gives a concise overview of the history of gravitational-wave detection, and follows the path that led to the decision to construct LIGO. It also presents a no-holds-barred look at the formidable engineering challenges LIGO confronts in its quest, and explains the technological remedies devised to overcome these barriers. Dr. Sanders's article also briefly describes the other members of the gravitational-wave detection family, those interferometer projects underway in Europe, in Asia, even in space.

In "Sky and Telescope," the LIGO story is part of a suite of articles on the search for gravity waves and the interferometer community.

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Of course, we realize that most of our loyal readers prefer to get all their LIGO info right here on the Newsletter Website. But it's also true that many of you have grown just a wee bit exasperated with our spotty publishing schedule. Irate emails have arrived by the screenful. Said one typical complaint, "Hey, Mr. Editor-Person! This is the Summer of 2000. How long we got to keep reading about the Inauguration from last November, for crying out loud!" How true. And how eloquently phrased. And our pithy reply is: No Longer. This month we offer a new Newsletter and coverage in two major magazines. Why not take advantage of this unique opportunity to drench yourself in a refreshing shower of LIGO news. In the meantime, we'll keep the taps running by getting started on next month's newsletter.